Candidate List Not Finished [Updated]

Update 2: Naturally, the list comes in minutes after I posted the previous update. It’s like magic! Will post in a separate entry shortly.

Update: As of 1 p.m. I still have not received the list. E-mailed both SG adviser Heather Bishara and Chair of Elections Fred Moldt about half an hour ago and haven’t received any response. Might have to drop in after I teach class, I suppose…

Tonight was a mandatory meeting for the SG election candidates, in which all the arcane rules are laid out for them. Each candidate must endure a lecture on ethics, leadership and responsibility, then sign an agreement saying, “Yeah, yeah, I get it.”  So that when their opponents later come complaining that they used a poster two inches over regulation size and thus garnered an unfair advantage, they can be held to account, for instance.

A final list of candidates, usually available by this meeting — well, wasn’t. Student Government adviser Heather Bishara said she hadn’t finished formatting it, and promised a copy to me by noon tomorrow; I’ll hopefully be able to post it shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, I didn’t have time to compile a list of likely candidates for the blog today, because I unexpectedly ended up in a series of meetings  for planning the SG debates. More on that to come soon, too.

By the way, you can still run for office as a write-in candidate until Feb. 15, if you’re interested. But you won’t be allowed to campaign, while everyone else is allowed to starting tonight.


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