The State of SG / Upcoming Coverage

See? I told you we’d be back  in mid-January at the start of February.

Frankly, there hasn’t been much going on yet — although I will mention that Student Body President Tiffany Weimar recouped some first-floor parking spots in Parking Garage 1 (by the library). Originally regular decal spots, they were converted into visitor/metered spaces last year. Weimar lobbied and got them back for us this semester.

Anyhow, things will start to pick up — starting now, the first business day following the deadline for declaring candidacy in the spring election. SG officials take a few days to review eligibility, but according to the election timeline, a list of candidates will be available at 5:30 p.m. on “Monday 2/3.” For those of you who can tell time, that translates to “Wednesday 2/3.” (Editor’s note: Someone in SG must’ve looked at a calendar over the weekend, since this error has been corrected as of 11 a.m. Monday, after I’d initially written up the post.)

So, I’ll have that official list up Thursday morning. But by Wednesday I’ll also have up a short list of likely (but not certain) contenders for executive office. I’ve heard some hearsay about who is — and surprisingly, isn’t — running, but that won’t factor into the list; there’s no real point in such speculation since the official names will be released late Wednesday.

Following that, expect an election preview in print, and perhaps some discussion here on the blog of legislation in the Boca House. The re-examination of the SG Constitution will begin in the coming weeks, too, so expect something more on that.

For those wondering what happened to the Ayala case, the short answer is: not much. It’s quickly coming up on a year since Ayala was arrested on statutory rape charges, and the case has not proceeded to trial yet. There have been a few hearings, and Ayala’s deposition — pre-trial testimony, essentially — has been taken. Another hearing is scheduled for Feb. 25, and maybe a trial date will be scheduled then. I’ll try to attend.

Ayala, who has been under house arrest since last June, also managed to get a traffic infraction in November, and a hearing is scheduled about that just days before the other hearing — whether this will impact proceedings, I don’t know yet. Stay tuned.

Lastly, I’m going to retroblog (that is, retroactively post) a couple of my favorite “SG Quotes of the Week” from this semester so far. So you didn’t miss these posts; I’m just putting them up belatedly.


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