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SG Quote of the Week

Posted in Legislation, quote on January 29, 2010 by Brandon

SG Marketing Director Marcus Washington:
This is a great way to provide a service to the students of FAU. When it’s busy time in the Breezeway, there’s not enough space to sit.

— At the Jan. 29 Boca House meeting, advocating legislation to fund the placement of a (single) plastic bench in the Breezeway, similar to one already there. The existing bench was commissioned by Student Body President Ancel Pratt in 2003 with a dedication to SG engraved on it, and this one would have a similar engraving. The 6-foot bench will seat, you know, two or three people. And costs $850.


SG Quote of the Week

Posted in quote on January 15, 2010 by Brandon

House Rep. Dean Hasan:
Are they, like, allowed to touch you?

Student Government Adviser Heather Bishara:
I don’t think they would want to touch you.

— At the Jan. 15 Boca House meeting, during a discussion about the possibility of “Breezeway Ambassasdors.” Remember hall monitors from middle school? Yeah, like those — but now they’re grown-ups, and they’re telling you not to skateboard / bike / golf cart through the Breezeway.