Wondering if you’ll ever see something new in this space? Here’s something a little more official than silence.

We’ll be returning in mid-January. Good luck with finals, and have a restful break.


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  1. Brandon, since you’re the only one from the University Press that responds to anything, I’d like to ask 3 questions the UP’s future move to a daily. Hopefully you can help.

    1) When is that supposed to happen?

    2) Are you guys going to move to a larger room in the Student Union to accommodate the larger staff you’d need for a daily?


    3) When is the UP going to be available off-campus? If FAU and the UP wants to be taken more seriously, they need to set up the red UP bins near Palm Tran stops (so people can read while they wait ), near student Housing (Casa Del Rio, Bicycle Club, Addison Park, etc) and so on. The UP should AT LEAST be available near the apartments east of campus – the UP staffer in the golf cart could easily drive there while dropping off the rest of the papers by the Student Apartments.


  2. Dean,

    I don’t know the answer to any of those questions, but I will ensure the editor-in-chief actually sees them and gives me some kind of response to pass on, even if it’s another “I don’t know.” Give me a few days on that.


  3. Dean,

    Per the UP adviser Michael Koretzky, “All three of these questions fall under the purview of our new Student Media Director, who starts Monday.” Her name is Marti Harvey, and her office is a cubby hole right next to ours, so we’ll probably hear more about it soon.

    And my editor-in-chief says: “I have no answers for the first two questions but the third one is an interesting possibility. My problem is that if no one reads the paper on campus what would make people read it off-campus,” being a little cynical about our present circulation.

    Hope that helps for now. Cheers.

  4. Thanks for following up, Brandon.

    The idea behind having them at Palm Tran stops is to inform people, be it students or the local community, while they wait. Sometimes they wait a long time – why not introduce them to the UP? Eventually the paper is going to need to expand off campus anyway.

    My last question is about the use of the UP Twitter. Right now it’s exclusively used to reiterate the fact that an online story has been posted. Of course, if you read about the UP you already know that.

    My question is thus: isn’t Twitter a perfect opportunity to do micro-reporting on things like, “Brooke Hogan on campus,” “Fire in the bookstore”, “Large crowd by Alumni Plaza for sexually-responsible bedrace right now”, etc? Any UP reporter could update the UP Twitter from their cell phone when they saw something newsworthy on campus and that way the paper could provide up-to-the-minute happenings to all of its followers.

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