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Election Turnout About Half of Last Year’s

Posted in elections on October 5, 2009 by Brandon

Click for the full-sized chart.

Observe my pretty chart.  In three of the four campus groupings, voter turnout is down by half this year. You can tell at a glance by comparing the bottom-row percentages, but I’ll crunch the straight-up number of students calculation for you as well: it’s down 47% in Boca, 46% in Broward, and 54% in Treasure Coast.

Jupiter alone maintained a similar level of voter turnout, going down only 7%. And in terms of  eligible voters, you can see from the chart they actually had a greater percentage of enrolled students voting this time around. Guess those kids over in the Honors College are more politically engaged than the rest of us.

The facts are clear, but I’m not qualified to infer the probable causes. Math major I’m not — failed Precalc as a freshman, actually. (But I got an A in it that summer.)

However, one possible factor is the registrar’s office screw-up. Even if that hadn’t happened, though, the original election flyers and what Boca House Representative Boris Bastidas called “almost non-existent advertising” might have disenfranchised some eligible voters.


Unofficial Results In — Well, Some of Them

Posted in elections on October 1, 2009 by Brandon

You can view them online here. (If you don’t have Word 2007, you won’t be able to open the link. Therefore, I’ve uploaded a more user-friendly version here.)

These are the results for the Boca campus; the other campuses haven’t been posted. I don’t know why yet.

Additionally, the formatting leaves me clueless as to how many students actually voted. A minimum of 191 students (the highest number of votes for an individual, Ayden Maher) and a maximum of 3826 (the total number of votes for all candidates, which assumes every single voter voted for only one candidate. Highly unlikely.)

I’ve contacted the SG adviser and the elections chair about these points, and will post the response.

As usual, the results are “unofficial” until there’s time for people to contest the results. That’s not likely to happen given how uncompetitive the election was, but it’s always a possibility.

Edit: My e-mail has not received a response, but the full listings have now been posted here. (Still in .docx. Here‘s an .rtf.)