SG Election Suspended Because of Registrar Error (Updated)

Somebody in the Registrar’s Office mistook spring for fall and botched the election, per an FAU announcement half an hour ago (when I was driving home from class):

Due to technical difficulties with the eligible voter list, the current Student Government Legislative Elections have been temporarily suspended until further notice. The voter list sent to the Student Government Elections Board by the Registrar’s Office should have been for the Fall 2009 term, instead the Registrar’s Office inadvertently sent the voter list from the Spring 2009 term. The Elections Board is working to resolve this issue.

To ensure a fair campaign and election on all FAU campuses and in accordance with the Student Government Elections Statute:

324.100 In the case of catastrophic technical or elections process failure, the Student Body President, may upon agreement with the Chair of Elections and the SG Advisor, call a new election and any voter results of the disrupted election will be invalidated.

The SG President and Elections Board have called for a new election to be held at a future date. All previous votes for candidates have been invalidated. The new election date and time will be posted in the near future. We appreciate your understanding and patience regarding this matter.

For more information, please contact the Student Government Elections Board or your respective campus Student Government Advisor:

Elections Chair:
Freddy Moldt

Boca Raton Campus Elections Commissioner:
Sarah Lanciault

Jupiter Campus Elections Commissioner:
Manesh Gopaldas

Boca Raton Campus SG Advisor:
Heather Bishara

Jupiter Campus SG Advisor:
Adam Ferrando

Davie Campus SG Advisor:
David Bynes

Fort Lauderdale Campus SG Advisor:
Karen Esteves

Treasure Coast Campus:
Rochelle Popp

Again, we thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Tiffany Weimar
Student Body President

Freddy Moldt
Student Government Chair of Elections

More on this tomorrow.

Update: Haven’t had a chance to talk to the SG adviser, election chair, or anyone in the registrar’s office. Did talk to President Weimar, who says “it was pretty much an honest mistake.” As for when the new election will be, “We don’t know. Obviously we want to expedite it and get it done as quickly as possible.”

They’ve gotten the correct list from the registrar and the SG advisers are working out the eligible voters list, which then has to be filtered through the campus tech people at IRM to the company that handles the e-voting system. President Weimar was unwilling to give an estimated date for the election, but reiterated it was “a top priority.”


One Response to “SG Election Suspended Because of Registrar Error (Updated)”

  1. Why haven’t we seen a post from this blog in eight days? Brandon, you must have some information on new SG election dates.

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