Is This a Competitive Election?

In Jupiter and Boca, marginally. Everywhere else, not at all.

Treasure Coast has just six seats and six candidates. Two of them, Speaker Carmela Innamorato and Representative Thomas Lind, are running for re-election. As long as they all get at least one vote, they’re in.

Broward has 12 House seats and, fortuitously, 12 candidates. All five of the sitting House members there are running for re-election. (The rest of the seats were vacant — a common problem everywhere, but especially on the partner campuses. Those seats will now, temporarily at least, fill up.) Likewise they have two senate candidates, one who’s running for re-election and another filling a vacant seat. Same thingfor all these folks: One vote and they’re in.

Jupiter has seven House seats and nine candidates, so the two people with the fewest votes won’t make the cut. Only two are running for re-election: Rep. Richard Smith and Rep. Eric Bishop. Jupiter also has two people running for the pair of senate seats there.

On Boca, there are 42 seats. Guess how many candidates? 43 — so one of the five fill-in candidates is out of luck for now. However, if things go as usual, a handful of newly elected members will never attend a meeting and be forcibly resigned from office, opening up those seats for in-House elections to fill the vacancies. Quite a few of these people are running for re-election or have been in SG previously, though there are at least a dozen names I don’t recognize. Boca’s senate seats are slightly more competitive: four people running for two seats.

If you’re curious about the size of the Houses, each House gets five seats plus one for every 500 students who attend that campus. I wonder when the last time these numbers were recalculated, though — I’ll ask an SG adviser about that.

If you haven’t voted and want to, you can do so at the usual place — not at “” as some election flyers in the Breezeway say. Just log in and click on the elections tab. You have until midnight tomorrow. For fun, save your voting record and see if the unlucky couple of people you didn’t vote for make the cut without your help.


One Response to “Is This a Competitive Election?”

  1. :::::::::THIS JUST IN::::::::::

    Due to a problem with the eligible voters on each campus the 2009 fall election is postponed to a later date.

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