State of the Student Body Address (Semi-Liveblog) [Finished]

[Note: this entry goes from bottom to top because it started as a liveblog. It’s done now.]

So let’s break down the numbers:

-35 minutes long from the original scheduled start time

-15 minutes of speech time

-Five minutes of thank yous

-Two-minute laundry list of events

-5 minutes of generalities

-Three minutes of substance

Attendance-wise, 100 people confirmed on Facebook. 35 people max showed up. 90% minimum were Student Affairs or SG people.


3:17. Just now got a late e-mail via Facebook that the event time was changed — albeit half an hour before the speech — to 2:30.  (It was originally scheduled for 2:15.)

2:51. I checked out the renderings. They’re the Rec Center expansion and Innovation Village.

2:50. “We’ve made great strides in … improving procedures … and making Student Government more accessible.” And, predictably, a standing ovation when she concludes with “Go Owls!” She didn’t talk about the renderings.

2:49. Praising and saying goodbye to President Brogan. Says she’s been working with the soon-to-be interim president John Pritchett.

2:48. Talking about textbook affordability.

2:47. “Student Government needs to become a sustainable organization.” Citing her chief of staff, Alex van Mecl, who organized the Mission Green club as well. Talking about going paperless.

2:46. Talking about improving school spirit by adding more Owl banners around campus.

2:44. President Weimar says there will be student town hall meetings this semester, posted on the SG Web site. Not much detail yet. She’s also talking about improving accessibility through e-mail, Facebook, the Web site, etc.

2:43. Citing general accomplishments like encouraging and supporting sustainability and raising activism. Talking about the Florida Student Association, something ex-President Abe Cohen also was involved with but I don’t understand well enough to comment on.

2:42. Talking about parking. “Two new parking lots, one next week and one at the end of September.” She’s also talking about the shuttle bus system she helped jump-start with the police department.

2:41. Now the near-future events.

2:40. Now she’s cycling through all the spirit events since the start of the semester.

2:38. I’ve lost count of the clapping, but we’re still in recognition mode.

2:35. President Weimar is giving her thank yous. 5 rounds of applause so far.

2:34. Starting. Vice President Collene O’Reilly is introducing President Weimar. As her former public speaking instructor, it’s a little weird for me.

2:32. I’ve completed my journalistic investigation of the pizza while waiting. That slice of pepperoni pizza I just finished had about 300 calories.

2:27. There continues to be much finetuning of the renderings’ placements and little sign of starting.  More people are arriving, but not many.

2:24. The free food has arrived. Papa John’s pizza and water, if you wanted to know. (Pepperoni and cheese, if you really wanted to know.)

2:20. Still no sign of starting. About 20 people now. Vice President of Student Affairs Charles Brown just joked that “We’re waiting on President Obama to arrive.”

2:15. Scheduled starting time. President Weimar’s walking in and out. Not sure when they’re starting.

2:10. 15 people here so far, including myself plus SG and admin officials. I see maybe two or three people who look like possibly casual attendees. (i.e. “regular” students). Stuff’s still being set up. Brogan’s Last Run and Homecoming (this is apparently “under construction.”) are being advertised, along with the Rec Center. There’s some renderings down front I assume President Weimar will be discussing.

2:03. The speech site has been moved from Traditions Plaza to the Senate Chambers because of the heavy rain. People are starting to come in and set up.

I’ll be engaging in my first pseudo-liveblogging this afternoon for Student Body President Tiffany Weimar’s address. I’d tweet, but I don’t do Twitter. Just haven’t bothered to experiment with it before. Anyway, here goes.


2 Responses to “State of the Student Body Address (Semi-Liveblog) [Finished]”

  1. Can you post the renderings of Innovation Village?

  2. Dean–

    I talked to Tiffany about it this morning, and she says she’ll try to get them up on the SG Web site soon. In the meantime, there are some smaller images here:

    And a larger one of the stadium was posted here (page 12):

    A poster of the latter one is up in the SG office in Boca, as well.

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