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Welcome back

Posted in blog-related on August 26, 2009 by Brandon

Just a brief notice — to let all three people who are chomping at the bit for the latest in SG know — that the blog will be resuming shortly. A similar notice in May that it would be on hiatus for the summer would’ve been smart, but I’m not always very smart. Sorry.

I’ll try to quickly sum up some things I’ll be geting up-to-date on and plan to post about in more detail soon.

There are certainly things going on with the Ayala case, but frankly I don’t understand them. I’ll be trying to get in touch with someone who gets the legalese. One of two confusing court docket entries says there will be a case disposition next week. I’ll try to attend.

Meanwhile, over the summer, we’ve had SG advisement change hands a couple times. Readers will probably know former SG Director Rivka Felsher resigned her position so she could better prioritize her family life. Terry Mena, the associate dean of students, briefly filled the role after she left. But now it is in the hands of Heather Bishara, formerly the SG adviser from the Jupiter campus. I’ll be looking for word on a permanent replacement.

I’m also marginally impressed to note Student Body President Tiffany Weimar has already announced a time and date for her State of the Student Body address–Sept. 2 at 2:15. This will be at the Boca campus Traditions Plaza (next to Starbucks and the bookstore). The speech is intended to explain to students what SG’s plans and accomplishments of the moment are, and it’s supposed to come in the first three weeks of the semester. Last year, then Student Body President Abe Cohen didn’t give it until the seventh or eighth week.

Legislative elections are also coming up quite soon — Sept. 15 and 16 — and the deadline for declaring candidacy is this Friday. Statutes call for a two-week period allowing students to apply, but just like last year they’ve left one of those two weeks ahead of the day school starts. If you’re interested in running for a seat in the election, the forms are here.

I would also link the official timeline, but it hasn’t been correctly posted by SG yet–it says it’s the fall timeline, but links to last spring’s. (Edit: Either I missed it the first time, or they’ve since posted the timeline straight on the page. The separate document is still the wrong one.) Perhaps this is because we’ve lost another chair of elections. If you’re a student interested in running for that job, you can apply through here. It’s currently about the eighth one down the full list of open positions at FAU. The deadline for that is tomorrow; this one was also posted before school started. Of course, if nobody applies I suppose they’ll reopen applications. If that happens, I’ll be sure to say.

Hope your semester’s off to a good start. More soon.