On Summer Updates

There’s not a lot to update folks on at the moment, which is why I haven’t posted. But I’ve been getting e-mails and comments asking, so I’ll post on what I can.

Most were asking about Ayala — I tried to attend the court hearing on Monday, but it was cancelled and I don’t know why yet. I’ve contacted the Public Defender’s Office but haven’t gotten a response yet.

Looking at the court docket, there’s a couple things that weren’t there yesterday (as in, when I went to bed around midnight)— another hearing has been scheduled for today, apparently, though it doesn’t give a time. Pretty short notice.

It also now lists a prosecuting attorney, who I’ll try to contact for comment as well. Lastly, it lists a hearing on the 14th at 8:30 in the morning. I’ll try to attend that one. It’s listed as “arraignment” so I’m a bit confused — from my understanding, arraignment is a formal reading of the charges and the accused given the opportunity of pleading innocent. Don’t they typically do that shortly after the arrest? But I’m no legal expert, so I’ll ask whoever I get a hold of. If anyone can clarify this, let me know.

Another person asked if I was going to be updating in the summer at all. Yes, but you can expect it to be more sporadic than usual, even. Next week will be the first House meeting since before finals week, and things in general are moving slower. There is some interesting, proactive legislation going on that I haven’t discussed yet, and will in the next week or two.

On top of that, I’ll be going on vacation in mid-June with my fiancee — from the blog, and most else in my life, as you might imagine. I’ll let you know when that happens, so you’ll know not to check for updates. And for now, expect more or less weekly updates. I know there was an encouraging change of pace during the breaking of the Ayala story, but I don’t think I can maintain it.

I was thinking about starting little recurring mini-features for certain things, and these entries might be short and more frequent. One example would be a “House Bill in a Nutshell” kind of thing, explaining specific bills and getting brief comment on them from a few people. I’m not sure what the interest level on that would be, but I could try it. If there’s other specific aspects of SG you’d like to see covered more, let me know as well.

Monday was also the swearing-in ceremony for the new SG executive branch, and nothing particularly exciting happened. In real political terms, it was more of a photo opportunity. President Brogan framed the job nicely for new SBP Tiffany Weimar, saying she had to lead students in “the most difficult economy since the Great Depression,” which I guess also implies she has the potential to be the best or worst student body president FAU’s ever had.

For Weimar’s part, she stayed skimpy on what the agenda might be, but I heard her touch very briefly on the following themes or ideas:

  • traditions
  • safety
  • book loans
  • internships
  • going green
  • marketing
  • combining resources
  • fiscal responsibility

But again, without any specific goals. But she has a few months before she has to formally lay out her agenda in the state of the student body address.

That’s it for now. Have a great summer, and good luck with summer classes next week for those who unfortunately have them.


12 Responses to “On Summer Updates”

  1. non-boca student Says:

    What about the Jupiter Governor situation?

  2. What has happened with Chris? Did you go to the hearing on May 14th?

  3. Time for an update, Brandon.

  4. Hey Brandon! What’s going on?!

  5. Nicolas Says:

    Stop running to Brandon for up to the minute updates on Ayala. Take some initiative and scroll up this page to the link Brandon provided. I’ll give yall a clue, its Orange and labeled “Court Docket”. Here you will find everything your looking for, and if anything newsworthy happens Im sure Brandon will post something, until then take it upon yourselves to find out every little move thats being made in the case. If Brandon updated us on every stupid pre-trial motion thats going to be made between now and trial date then this blog would loose its appeal and my interest.

  6. Nicolas can eat my ass Says:

    Nicolas – its lose, not loose. It appears that there will be a status update 7-2 and that he has plead not guilty and requested a jury trial.

  7. Nicolas Says:

    OH NO! an extra O!
    crucify me, theres a typo in my response. I should go to hell and be kicked out of college because i made a typo in a response to a blog. i mean thats almost as bad as having sex with a 13 year old ya know.

    I’ve said many times on this blog, do not expect a perfectly crafted response from me or anyone on this site or any other blog for that matter because i can promise you, you will be disappointed 9 times out of 10. The only person who should worry about this kind of shit is Brandon, his credibility as a writer would suffer. As long as you get my point i dont give a flying fuck if i broke every rule of grammar, punctuation, and spelling because im not a writer im a critic entitled to say whatever i god damn please however i god damn please (Errors included). If perfectly crafted sentences are what your looking for go teach an English classs (i added the extra S just for you).
    I find it amazing that the only thing you were able to picked up on in my statement was a spelling error. no wait i take that back, it does seem you found your way to the “Court Docket” link, so there may be hope for you after all

  8. Hey Brandon its been a month since we’ve heard from you. Are you alive?

  9. Nicolas can eat my ass with a spoon Says:

    and not a very good critic I might say! That is pretty arrogant to think that when you write as a critic that there is no need for decent grammar unless you are an writing for an English teacher. Bullshit I say! If you expect your criticism to be taken seriously, learn how to write beyond a 12 year old capability. This latest addition included run on sentences, terrible comma placement, and its not your; its you’re. If you expect us to take your criticism seriously, than stop writing like a retard. Since we are in college, maybe venture into a remedial English class. It is sorely needed. You are correct that you are entitled to say whatever you want. But writing like a moron takes credibility away from your criticism. Just a thought…

  10. hey guy who is obsessed with having his ass eaten out,

    who’s the “us” you speak of? I’ve been doing some looking around on here and it seems this topic has come up before on another post. according to the previous post It seems that more responders agree with Nicholas and not Dan (who brought this up before). I myself agree with nicholas. While i understand your point, there is no need to be picky about grammar and punctuation or even spelling in a setting like this. I can understand everything Nicholas is writing and since he is only sharing his opinion there is no need to be the grammar nazi. Now thats not to say i agree with everything Nicholas says because i certainly do not. If Brandon ever wrote like Nicholas I’d be a little worried seeing as how this is what Brandon studies and gets paid to do. I think its obvious that Nicholas is not an English major and while i cant say for certain smart money would bet that you are/were. Its unfair to hold Nicholas to that standard. For example, If i had a computer problem and I needed help from a student to fix it I would not expect the same results out of a Marketing major as i would a Computer engineering major. Besides i’ve seen far worse grammar on this site and at FAU than the spew that Nicholas writes. so it could be worse.
    I think its more that you have a problem with what Nicholas says and how he says it, and the only way you know how to attack him through a response is to attack his grammar. I may be wrong, but thats at least how it looks to me.

  11. I wasn’t knocking Nicolas on his conventions (spelling, grammar, etc). I was saying that Nicolas (and many others) although entitled to an opinion ought to remember that outsiders (persons whom do not work or take classes at FAU) that read (what are in my opinion) poorly written (logically speaking) statements on this blog are not likely to have a better opinion about FAU or it’s instructors.

    I think what Chris is accused of doing is awful and abhorent; but it is not my job (nor anyone on here) to judge him. Period.

    If Nick wants to judge him (on a website where “outsiders” can/may/will judge our university’s standards), then all I ask is that he do so more intelligently. This is all I have ever said.

    Intelligence to Nicolas seems to mean “conventions” (whereas under his own definition he appears to be… less than able).

    The Intelligence that I am discussing has to do more with ethics, logic and foresight, three things Nick needs a little remedial exercise in; and that is okay. We love Nicolas and want him to learn.

  12. So the rapist is out on bail it appears. Lock up your teenage daughters!!!

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