Happy Finals Week!

It’s definitely that time of the semester, when the check for all our academic slacking comes due. Hopefully you’re in less time-debt than me. Sorry for not updating sooner.

If you’re stressed out, SG is inviting you to take it out on them tomorrow. If you visit the Free Speech Lawn (between the Social Sciences and General Classroom South Buildings) between 11 and 3, you can take a shot at dunking SG leaders and a couple people from Student Affairs. I’ve heard they’re taking donations for charity.

If there’s someone in particular you want to drench, here’s the schedule.

11-11:30 – Director of Multicultural Affairs, Dr. Rozalia Williams
11:30-noon – Boca Student Body Governor and President-elect, Tiffany Weimar
Noon-12:30 – Current Student Body President Abe Cohen
12:30-1 – Director of Housing Larry Faerman
1:30-2:15 – Director of Greek Life Ryan O’Rourke
2:15-3 – Associate Dean of Student Affairs Terry Mena

Too bad I can’t throw worth a damn.

I should also give an update about the election stuff: the Jupiter governor’s race is close to a wrap, and will probably end Wednesday. A quick recap.

The original university-wide election ended on Feb. 26, with these results for Jupiter governor.

Tara Boulos: 96 votes (36%)
Jordy Yarnell: 84 votes (31%)
Manesh Gopaldas: 67 votes  (25%)
Alex Lange: 21 votes (8%)

The rules say the winner has to have a majority of the vote, and so there was a run-off between the top two candidates. This run-off wasn’t held until everything with the presidential race played out, and it ended on April 2 with this result:

Tara Boulos: 102 votes (52%)
Jordy Yarnell: 96 votes (48%)

So 70 fewer people voted in the run-off and there was a six-vote spread, meaning if four people had voted differently, Jordy could have won.

Naturally, this result was contested with the election board, which dismissed everything. Then it was appealed to the student court. Sound familiar? The student court had a hearing this past Friday and upheld the elections board decision on four of the five contestations, remanding one to the election board for reconsideration. The one they sent back was the claim that one of Boulos’ flyers said Student Body Vice President (and ex-Jupiter governor himself) Ed Fulton endorsed her.

The election board can do what it wants here: dismiss it again, disqualify Boulos, award additional votes for compensation, hold another run-off… Whatever they decide, it’s the final word, unless Yarnell appeals to Student Affairs, which can only be done on grounds of due process. If there’s another run-off, SG Adviser Rivka Felsher says it won’t be until May, which means this election will have run most of the semester and outlasted it. It seems like most people just want it over.

Speaking of things people want over, I think I need to say more about the Ayala story; not a news update, but personal comments about reactions I’ve gotten to it. I’ll do that tonight or tomorrow, with a couple other things.

Good luck with your finals and papers. And happy dunking.


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