Ex-Boca Treasurer Arrested On Sex Charges; SG Not Talking About It

The Palm Beach Post broke this story a bit ago and one of my readers commented and asked about it — and yes, it’s true. I looked it up on the Palm Beach County Clerks’ Web site and saw that he has a hearing scheduled for May 4th.

Chris Ayala, a 23-year-old finance major, made an aborted bid for student body president this semester, too, but was declared academically ineligible. He was also involved in the planning of an SG-sponsored lecture geared toward students learning to manage their credit. That lecture took place this afternoon.

Yesterday, he posted a Facebook message saying he was subleasing his apartment, too.

I don’t know if all the facts in that PBP story are accurate and I’ll be following up, hopefully getting the full police report, and some reactions, but that might be hard to do, and here’s why.

I don’t know the guy well; we’ve never talked much and the few times we have he’s been pretty reserved.

When I was walking over to the SG office to get some immediate reactions from people who knew him better, I ran into Boca Raton Budget Chair Kris O’Brien. She didn’t know anything about it, but when I handed her the article her mouth was hanging open and all she said was, “Oh my God!”

At this point, the graduate assistant on the other side of the door gestured for O’Brien to step into the office and told her she wasn’t supposed to talk about it.

“Rivka [Felsher] said not to talk about it. Can you turn that [recorder] off? I don’t want this on the record, I don’t want to be in it,” says Amanda Sullivan, one of SG’s two graduate assistants.

Rivka, the SG adviser, wasn’t in the office. The assistant didn’t know when she would be back. I called her cell and got voicemail. I tried calling Associate Dean of Students Terry Mena as well, got his voice mail too. Same with Student Body President Abe Cohen.

Chief Justice Mike Burdman gave a brief comment, but said he didn’t want to be in anything else about it. “It’s unfortunate,” says Burdman.

There will definitely be more about this soon.


7 Responses to “Ex-Boca Treasurer Arrested On Sex Charges; SG Not Talking About It”

  1. Brandon you definately need to follow up on this. This is your chance to grow some balls and be a journalist!

  2. kaitlyn Says:

    wow. im really at a loss for words. thanks again brandon, and our informer.

  3. Keep bugging SG, someone will talk

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