SG Quote of the Week

We all want a degree that will be worth something, not from a school that becomes a joke. — House Representative Jared Stark, at the Boca House meeting this afternoon.

Stark cited a Sun-Sentinel story by education reporter Scott Travis that forecast entire academic programs and departments getting cut, among them political science.  He then gave to use his own word a rant about how FAU should cut redundancy of services on other campuses before cutting academic programs. What Stark missed and what I pointed out to him was The Sun-Sentinel‘s correction on that story.

It remains unclear what will be cut, but we know there’s someone in SG willing to get vocal about it.

SG Adviser Rivka Felsher also raised the possibility of university administrators asking for SG to contribute money (yes, from the student-paid Activity & Service fee budget) to help offset looming permanent budget cuts from the state. A few noteworthy caveats:

  • She said this was only a possibility and not a serious proposal at this point, at least six to eight months away if at all.
  • She also said they’d probably ask for less than 10 percent, which would be roughly $700,000.
  • Lastly, she made clear that the process would involve all student legislative bodies and not be an executive decision.

“It would require a lot of approval from the student side: an open, transparent, and long process … I’m not trying to make you scared, or panic, or make you go, ‘Oh my God President Brogan is taking our money,'” Felsher said.

And by the way, governor election results were posted below if you missed them.


4 Responses to “SG Quote of the Week”

  1. Isn’t it illegal to use A&S fees for anything other than activities and services?

    Is this person even serious?!

    I don’t know about you, but Jared reminds me of this kid that huffed glue that I went to high school with. He was a nice kid, but he wasn’t allowed to play near sharp things.

    I love the first amendment.

  2. It wasnt jared’s idea just FYI. It was an idea brought before the assembly by the SG advisor. Jared was commenting on the fact that the same classes should not be offered at all campuses. EX. international politics taught at both Boca and Jupiter campus’, so we’re not paying 2 teachers for the same task, hes suggesting consolidation. i dont know if this is what you were commenting on but it didnt seems like it so i wanted to clarify.

  3. Dan,

    Homer’s comment was spot on. I did *not* suggest we forked over A&S fees to the administration. In fact, I spoke against it. First of all, if I recall correctly there is a statute prohibiting it, although I’d need to look it up to be certain.

    Secondly, it would be unethical, counterproductive, and amount to nothing more than a drop in bucket.

    My suggestion was to, as Homer reiterated, reduce both academic and support redundancy on partner campuses. Consolidating core academic programs at the Boca campus would cut expenditures.

    Furthermore, I am in favor of adopting differential tuition as approved by the state.

    Hope this clears up any confusion, Dan.

    — Jared

  4. The faculty has an excellent complaint in the Palm Beach Post.

    We should really take a good look at how many administrators we really need at this school and their salaries. I do not have an issue with replicating some academic services on multiple campuses; however, other services and personnel could be consolidated to save money.

    Differential tuition is an excellent idea, but currently there are too many hands out at FAU to allow the impact necessary.

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