40 People “Maybe” Attending House Meeting This Week

Funny stuff, nothing serious.

I wrote the other day about Chuck Forbes starting a Facebook group to inform students about Boca House meetings and agendas. They still haven’t posted any minutes or agenda information, but have up contact e-mails and a “suggestion box.” And apparently they’re going to start sending invites to their weekly meetings. The first one went out (at 2 a.m…) today.

What I find funny is that 40 people have so far said they “might be attending.” (Over 600 haven’t responded.)

Yeah, I know people do this crap with EVERY event. They don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings by outright saying they’re not going to go. They don’t want to be cajoled into going. They’ll “think about it.”

But folks, if there’s one Facebook event in the world nobody is going to be hurt about you avoiding, it’s a freaking House meeting. Geez. (SG rep who begs to differ in 3…2…)

Oh, and if you’re a Boca or Jupiter student, go vote for your governor. Polls close at 11:59 p.m. Thursday.


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