SG Accountability? [Updated]

Losing student body presidential candidate Chuck Forbes, at the Boca House meeting this afternoon, followed up on his campaign commitment to SG transparency. He announced his plan to start a Facebook group that will post minutes and voting records, which may or may not be cross-posted on the SG Web site.

When this group’s formed, I’ll link it here for those interested.

Student Body President-Elect Tiffany Weimar wasn’t there and didn’t give a report. Neither was current SBP Abe Cohen, though both were present last week.

UPDATE: Forbes started the group, which can be found here. No minutes or anything yet, but a list of members and contact information is a start.


One Response to “SG Accountability? [Updated]”

  1. Just another example of the current admin slackin, and i heard Collene lied under oath in the court hearing weeks ago- wow we elected real leaders here. Im not for or aginst anyone, I just call it like I see it, the info that was presented at the court hearing that she lied about i saw, I got a t-shirt that night, and I know where you took them Collene, just please tell the students the truth for crying out loud.

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