In Case You Missed It

If you’re not the type to log into MyFAU much, or to pay any heed to its announcements:

At this time the Elections Board can definitively declare the following Spring 2009 SG Election results official:Student Government President: Tiffany WeimarStudent Government Vice President: Collene O’Reilly

Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Charles L. Brown confirmed that he did not receive any appeals of the Student Court decision to uphold the Elections Board decisions on the complaints and contestations that were originally submitted for the Spring 2009 SG Election. In addition, no fraud to the online eBallot system was found by IRM or the SG Advisors.

The SG President and Vice President will take their Oath of Office along with all of the Campus Governors during the Installation Ceremony on Monday, May 4, at 4 p.m. on the in the Live Oak Pavilion on the Boca Raton campus.

The Boca Raton and Jupiter Campus Governor Run-off elections will be held from March 31 to April 2. The current Campus Governors remain in office until May 1.

Maria Rivera & Sunil Mathews
SG Elections Board

But the Boca House, which already works with Weimar as governor, have “no confidence” in her ability to lead, per a 15-11 vote of no confidence last Friday before the results became official. While just a “non-binding opinion of her performance,” it doesn’t look good and might signal a rocky road for her ahead. Or maybe just some post-election bitterness that will clear up. We’ll see, won’t we? I’ll have a story about this in print in a couple weeks.

A separate message talks in a bit more detail about the governor run-offs, which are next Tuesday through Thursday. The candidates for Boca are Jamal Hamilton and Zachary Tortora (who ran on Weimar and O’Reilly’s ticket). The candidates for Jupiter are Tara Boulos and Jordy Yarnell.

Voting will be online only for these from what I understand, but I imagine most people do it from their own computers rather than a laptop in the Breezeway anyhow.

Same process as usual: log on to MyFAU and click over to the SG Elections tab.

Oh, and if you’re curious about how they check for fraud, I asked SG Adviser Rivka Felsher. Doesn’t seem like it would be an easy thing to assess, right? Any measure’s better than no measure, though. She said they look for improper access to the ballot pages, multiple votes from the same IP address, and check if those IPs are from university computers or personal laptops on campus.


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  1. Hey brandon were all of the 15 people who voted in favor of the no-confidence Forbes supporters? can we have an idea of what kind of members voted in favor of this, and which didnt. (ex. know fresh supporters, known YOUR supporters, house officers, new membrs, old members im sure you get the idea)

  2. Sure thing, I tallied the vote on my copy of the agenda and I can post who voted which way. I’ll try to get that up tonight.

    But I don’t plan on asking every single one of them who they voted for, etc. In most cases it’s probably obvious anyway.

  3. I couldnt expect that of you lol. when you post the name though coud you be sure to post the title (if an officer) and how long they’ve been in the house roughly of course not exact. im sorry i find it interesting that the house no longer has confidence in her seeing as how she just won the presidential election, almost an oxymoron. also were there any circumstances surrounding the Gov that provoked the house to do this or was it random and out of place? in your best opinion

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hey franky, while I do see your piont and Brandons about bitterness, and people voting no confidence who support Forbes, but lets just stop and think about this. First, we know that if most of the house voted for Forbes, then they dont have confidence anyway in Tiff. We also know, that Forbes has been pushing issues that can actually make a difference in the outcome of the election, a vote of no confidence, does nothing but says “Hey some ppl think you need to get on top of things a little more.” To be even more honest, it is not just the house who may have no confidence in Tiff, while we have learned that Student Affairs likes her, a lot of students and staff thinks she is a good person but had been lazy in her position as governor. Thats all that a vote of no confidence says- uve been getting lazy, wake up. If anything the houe is saying “hey, we have to report back to the student body, if you are not on top of things, we cant, so get going now, because being pres will be harder than governor”. I think that it is actually a good thing that the house is honest with the leaders they work with. The house isnt saying we hate you, its not a vote of “revenge” for her wining but simply saying hey, you have a large task ahead of you and we would like to see you do a better job- nothing wrong with that. Now, is Forbes’ party bitter? well sure, they just lost an election that everyone spent money and time on. However, i doubt that Forbes had the idea to vote on this because he probably knows that this vote means nothing, but for the average house member, this is very powerful to wake up someone who may be sleeping on the job. Plus, Tiff with all due respect has been behind and a little ill productive on her work THE WHOLE YEAR, not just recently, so if anything she has had this vote coming for a while, but again to Tiff- she knows that it is not serious either. So all in all, Forbes has already come clean in interviews and said he is focusing on still getting things done at FAU, I doubt he cares about starting a vote like that, that he knows will be publicized just to get a stab back-its piontless. And for Tiff, im sure she knows that it is just a slap on the wrist, and she has a long road a head of her, and if she does start to get out of line, ppl around her will let her know, if the house felt that Forbes was doing a poor job-they would let him know too.

  5. Interested Says:

    I think everyone just needs to hug it out :p

  6. This whole “vote of no confidence” seems to be bullshit.

    Its all about the timing.

    Why wait until the day the court reviews the case to make such a declaration? If “Nobody had confidence in Weimar for awhile now”, then someone should have brought forth this resolution a long time ago. If they didn’t, then their actions (or inactions) are just as liable as Weimar’s. No, I believe that the reason why they made this declaration when they did is because they (Forbes and his supporters) didn’t plan on losing Forbes losing his case.

    You see, if Forbes would have won the case, that would have altered the impact of the House’s resolution a thousand fold. It would have been huge! Bigger even. It would have made a big noise and got lips smacking before a re-vote would have likely taken place. Even though they should have squashed this plan once Forbes’ case fell, they instead decided, after being newly jilted, to go on with the resolution anyways. Real mature ladies… real mature.

    Now, I am not necessarily saying that Forbes instigated this or knew about it; but either way you look at this, it ends up hurting Forbes. Allow me to explain.

    Whether one wants to admit it or not, this resolution was done in Forbes’ honor, either at his behest or at the behest of his supporters.

    Whereas “anything is possible”, than one must suppose that it is possible that Forbes had no knowledge of this resolution; But, I argue that this is not a favorable position. for if this were true than one could argue that it would demonstrate that Forbes has little clue about House business. Politically, he shouldn’t do that. To insulate himself in this way would be a kin to calling him a “nice guy with little going for him upstairs”.

    No, I want to give Chazz some credit. He may be petty and petulant, but retarded he is not.

    So, what if Forbes had instigated this? I think that this scenario is likely given Forbes’ public statements about the elections and it facilitators and participants. In other words, he has shown a lack of proper judgement and childishness before, then why not expect that he would be able to act that way again.

    Then again, it could be possible that Forbes knew that there was a “faction” of Boca House members that were plotting this, but (Forbes) did nothing to stop them; But, what would that say about Chuck? That he will allow others to take the fall for him. Hey, maybe this guy is Presidential material. You’ve gotta love amateur politics!

    So, to summarize…

    Boo! Boo to the Boca House for admittingly abdicating their responsibility an watching while Weimar wasted the student’s time and money. If you are telling the truth, you are just as bad as Tiffany! (*If it makes you feel any better, I think that you are full of shit.)

    Double Boo to Forbes! Forbes, not only did you show a serious lack of judgement as a Boca House member, but you have also displayed a lack of judgement during your quest to “whine your way into another election”. Even though it was only by a one hundred student difference, I believe the student body has made the right decision. Boo! Boo!

    Tiffany, if you this resolution is valid and you slack off during your presidency, you are going to have many more eyes watching in wait to rip you to shreds. With a few exceptions, the students at Jupiter are very sharp and have little to do socially (which makes for great politicians and political theatre). I don’t know you, but I have faith in the student’s decision and therefore will have faith in you (until you prove me wrong). And remember, haters are always going to hate; that is what they do. Now, stop reading this and go figure out a way to please us alumni so that we will show more interest in our alma mater (i.e. donation$).

    Good luck!

  7. Dan your too quick to judge, i want to hear what brandon has to say about aggravating factors that may have caused this vote to take place, for all we know this could be totally unrelated (at least the spirit behind it) to the election, but adversely if everything was just peachy the past few meetings and this vote really came out of nowhere i can see your point. I would first like to see any information brandon has for us regarding reasons they did this, and a list of who voted which way along with if they’re an officer or not and how long they’ve been in. if the 11 people who voted against this are new members and tiffanys faithful then we might have a genuine opinion from the house as to how the Gov has done. the same applies for the opposite. i think the real key to deciding if this was or was not bitterness lies within the facts not your predictions dan. seeing as how your an alum and you dont know tiff i am assuming you dont know chuck either so your character evaluations fall of deaf ears, all you know about either candidates is what you’ve read on the UP or saw in clips of the debate. i think we should really pay attention to how the house officers and those reps with the longest tenure voted, in them lies the real answer to if this was or was not motivated in any way by chuck, his supporters, or anyone bitter about elections or if it was in fact a sincere opinion of tiffs job while in office. i think we should all hold off on the finger pointing until brandon comes back to us with the FACTS. Its not fair to either Tiff or Chuck or the House as a whole for that matter.

  8. Chuck Forbes Says:

    To Dan, and all others:

    I finally got on here to read everyones responces because I was recieving texts everyday about it! I think it is great, while I will not comment on peoples personal opinions, this is an open blog, and i can take criticism to the fullest, it only makes you correct your faults. However to see students and alumni blogging daily, showing that they care about what is going on is great. Most blogs are in depth, which shows student awareness. I would like to extend my personal cell phone number to anyone who has any questions that they would like me to answer directly. Win or lose, I am still a resource for the FAU community and I will be a part of SGA for years to come to keep making efforts to improve FAU. If I do not answer because of class, or a meeting please leave me a message and tell me you are from Owl Watch, and your call will be returned asap. As elections are over, now is the time to join together as leaders and put our ideas into action. There is no better person to talk to than the one you are writing about! Hope to hear from those who have questions, or would like to know future plans so you guys do not have to be left hanging trying to analyze every situation- thats not your job. It is our job as SG leaders to report to you, and let you know what really is going on. Looking forward to some calls.


    Thank you,
    Chuck Forbes

  9. a reliable source Says:

    Here are some facts that I’m sure Brandon can back up as being credible
    The motion for the vote of confidence was made mainly because Tiffany had hired a chief of staff and had him working and being paid for about a month without getting it approved by the house which is against statutes. Once it was brought to her attention she brought it before the house to get approved. Because of time constraints and other circumstances the house approved the chief of staff but members still wanted to send that message that the rules need to be followed.
    Speaker of the House Sherman didn’t vote
    Members that voted no confidence:
    Gentry – Parliamentarian
    Geritano – new member
    O’ Brian – Campus Budget Chair
    Pollack – Pro Temp
    Pollock – Rules and Policies Chair
    Shackelford – Time Capsule Chair
    Stark – new academic committee chair
    Yousef – Secretary

    Members that voted confidence:
    Bastidas – new member
    Ejene – Campus Action Chair
    Nielson – Way and Means Chair
    There are avid FRESH party supporters on both sides of this vote and no YOUR party supporters that I know of
    Hope this helps to give you a clearer view of things

  10. I can confirm the accuracy of the tally from “a reliable source”; it matches mine.

    I’m sorry I didn’t post that sooner–I’m having internet connectivity issues at home. Think I have to buy a new router.

  11. Very interesting, this in no way seems like its election motivated at this point to me especially with this new information concerning the chief of staff nomination. It seems as though Tiffany isnt very familiar with any statutes (refering to the numerous statute violations in the election, that i will say were found to be non-election skewing violations but still, and now the recent info about the Chief of staff) are there any more she broke or do they all stem from the Cheif of staff?
    and Dan you can eat some of those words now, and maybe even apologize to Chuck, if Tiffany broke statute she deserves to be held accountable by all house members including Forbes.

  12. I appreciate Chuck’s comment on here. It sounds like he is beginning to heed my advice.

    However, I rarely address anonymous comments; I will make an exception in this case.

    Whether or not Tiffany violated any statutes is not what I am arguing. What I am arguing is that the timing of the “no confidence” vote gives the appearance of mere bitching by the losing campaign. In politics, appearance is 9/10ths of the law.

    What was the reason(s) why people voted “No Confidence” in Weimar?

    I can think of a few, but, as I explained in an earlier post, I can not think of any good reasons.

    I’ll explain again.

    #1. People decided to vote “NC” in Weimar because she (allegedly) violated an election law that not one, but two independent entities (the Elections Commission and the Student Court) found her not guilty of. If this is you, frankly, you are a hack. A emotionally/developmentally challenged individual. Its not what you know, it is what you can prove (in law and politics). These folks ought to quit while they’re behind.

    #2. People decided to vote “NC” because of something Weimar did (or didn’t do) while Governor. I say that to wait until an election is over to submit and vote on a resolution that disparages Weimar for something that she did (or didn’t do; i.e. dereliction of duty) is pathetic. Its beyond pathetic! I am not saying that Weimar is not guilty of this. She could very well be guilty. I don’t know. But, what I do know is that I those people that are claiming to vote “NC” b/c it is in the “best interest of the student body” are so full of shit their eyes are brown and there are flies perched on their lips. If the accusations behind this resolution are valid (unless this violation occurred very recently) the Boca House should have made the students aware of it weeks/months ago. House members are just as liable for her dereliction of duty as she is (if this is the case).

    #3. People decided to vote “NC” for something that Weimar did (or did not do) while Governor after the election was over and was in no way associated with the election. What is that you say? Chief of Staff nomination? Are you serious? Okay, I guess that there could possibly be a reason having to do with a Chief of Staff nominee that is so horrendous that it necessitates holding a non-binding “NC” vote on Tiffany; But someone should be getting that info out. I doubt that there is a good enough reason, but I am waiting to be proved wrong.

    It takes a lot of guts to post anonymously. Frankly, you’re a bitch. Post your name to your opinions; or continue exercising your right to be a bitch. You have the right… bitch.

    Chuck, I meant what I said. Everything that I have said (except that which I have already apologized for; i.e. grades). I am very proud of the comment that you have left on here. That kind of attitude is going to take you places. Please run with this and don’t look back. I also think that you need to watch who you surround yourself with. It sounds to me that some people are trying to ride your coat-tails and are doing you more harm than good. Cut the fat out of your political diet and practice your tact. So far, I am impressed. Hopefully (for your sake and the sake of the students), this change is authentic. I believe it is. Good luck.

    A 16-13 (16 for, 13 against) vote when one of the “for” votes is a brand new member with little info. is hardly impressive. Also, just because the House leadership was mostly on one side of this issue means less than shit to me. Cream rises to the top only in the dairy world. In politics, it is the turds that float. That doesn’t mean that everyone in the House’s leadership is a turd; but, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t either.

  13. So, the longer you’ve ben in the House = The more wise you are?

    Frankly, you are the of antithesis of logic.

    Usually (not always) the longer someone is an amateur politician the more empty and meaningless their existence is. I can give you at least a dozen examples of this, but I would like to allow those dogs to remain asleep.

    Yes, I am guilty of getting my information about FAU from their newspaper. Was I not supposed to do that?

  14. Jacob Miller Says:

    Hey dan keep posting, i love comming on campus and hearing about how much of a life you dont have for posting on this as much as you do, writing as much as you do, and being an enthusiastic as you are about it, ya know considering it is “amateur politics” as you call it and you are an alum. I mean i dont know whats sadder; an alum who has nothing better to do than comment on the “amateur politics” of his alma mater, comments that people mostly brush off as being the “Rush Limbaugh” of Tiffs campaign, or well nothing sadder than that dan you win. I mean theres the people that actually know who you are and i will be the first to tell you, your reputation around campus is Major Douchebag, but i guess you gatta be remembered for something right. posting all opinions based on the info you got from the UP and not from anywhere else is real intelligent, i think in 2010 im only going to read USA today and make all my election decisions based on what they report and not what any1 else says, especially not those informed noooo way.
    Brandon will be the first to admit that not he nor the UP are anywhere close to perfect, and we all know Brandon has a hard time gettin information out of SG and then theres the time delay of actually getting it on this website or in print.
    All in all dan, most students, including the ones who supported Weimar like myself, think your full of shit. Let the amateur politicians do what we elected them to do.

  15. While I didnt vote for tiff, i do agree with what jacob said. Dan you are a real idiot.






    im sry for the caps…..but like cmon ppl… just upsets me. I really hope you guys pay attention to SGA tis year, i already know whats going to happen….i GUARANTEE forbes will do more than tiff, and we arent even paying him….

    damn, run again next year chuck, and if u dont win this time, its rigged.

    I can honestly say i read everything, wathed the debates, talked to both candidates and their ticket, and thats how i got my vote. If anyone else did the same, there is no way you vote for tiff unless you are in her sorority, because you can tell that forbes has a vision from the way he speaks, when tiff talks there is no passion, its just another day in the office….if shes ever there to begin with

    oh and dan, do u have an obsession with shit? everyones full of it, it is on their mouths, you talk about turds, your a wierdo. and one more thing before you write back, DONT COME ON HERE WITH YOUR STUPID QUESTIONS AND VIEWS THAT YOU DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT, ALL YOUR SPECULATIONS, WHY DONT YOU CALL THE AMATUER WHO GAVE YOU HIS PHONE NUMBER AND ASK HIM QUESTIONS. PUSSY.

  16. Jacob,

    I don’t support either campaign. I do denounce some of Chuck’s earlier comments. I never said that Tiffany was innocent.

    I’d like to tell call you names and tell you what people think about you, but I can’t. I have no idea who you are, hence, you are nobody to me.

    Yeah, I still read my college newspaper. So fucking what? Yeah, I comment on this page. Guess what fuck-nuts, so do you. That bright light of perception you’re shining means that you are just as pathetic as I am. Ha!


    #1. When I was in the House (back when it was called the Senate), there was a faction that decided not to approve any of the governor’s paid staff merely for political reasons. So, when someone says that, “Tiff broke the law because she paid her Chief of Staff” it sounds like someone tried to screw Tiffany and she side-stepped them. Since it is a paid position, I am sure that Student Affairs was aware of the situation and approved. If they didn’t, her COS wouldn’t have gotten paid.

    #2. The advice that I gave Forbes was to stop whinning and get back to work. His bitching was only hurting (himself and the school), not helping.

    I don’t agree with anyone clocking in for more hours than they work. Period. You are the first person that has published anything of the sort.

    I may call Chuck. I may not call Chuck. Right now, I have no reason to call him. If I do, then I will.

    It sounds to me that you attempt to appear “unbiased” through your little tirade, but your emotions end up GETTING THE BEST OF YOU and you let the truth slip (“…there is no way you vote for tiff unless you are in her sorority, because you can tell that forbes has a vision from the way he speaks, when tiff talks there is no passion, its just another day in the office….if shes ever there to begin with”).

    I, on the other hand, am not interested in any particular party winning or losing. I did not support either campaign. I do not care who won, or who lost. My comments were directed solely towards Chuck (at first), and then assholes like yourself. My advice to Chuck was that his character was being adversely affected by his tact (or lack thereof) and behavior. So far, it looks that he has taken my advice (either that, or he realized his gripping was pointless/worthless and he stopped). Either way, he has begun to do what is right and best for himself and the school (i.e. keeping his ears and eyes open and his mouth shut in terms of his emotions).

    Also, if the Elections Board (and Student Court) found that there wasn’t enough evidence to overturn the election, then that means that Tiffany was not guilty (at least in their eyes).

    The rules state that it is the official FAU logo that you are prohibited from using on campaign materials. OwlsGear is not technically the official FAU logo.

    One last reminder. Every time you address me, you validate what I say/write. You can try to bully me or call me names, that is part of your 1st amendment rights. Just remember that I never said that Tiffany was the best person or that she wasn’t (truly) guilty; All I did say was that Chuck should refrain from bitching like he did and that it looked as if the House (barely) voted “NC” for political reasons and nothing more. Oooooooo! So she paid a person to be her COS that wasn’t authorized by the House. So what?! What does that prove? Nothing! When did Tiff hire this COS that never got approved? How long did this COS work and get paid for before the election? In my opinion, given my experience in amateur politics, if Tiffany did do something wrong in hiring and paying her COS without House approval than the House is equally worthless for waiting until now to do something about it. That much is true.

    You and I can write and say whatever we want when it comes to FAU SG politics. We have the luxury because we aren’t running to represent the FAU student body. Chuck is/was. Chuck therefore had a duty to remain professional and dignified. At one point, it seems that he forgot this. That is what my advice was about.

    Hey Miller and Reed; why don’t you wash the sand that has infiltrated your vaginas out and try again. You write/communicate like old people fuck; SLOW AND SLOPPY.




    Say hi to your mother for me.

  17. P.S.P.S.

    You’re the towel.

  18. Jacob Miller Says:

    you forgot one thing “fuck-nuts”, I still go here, you dont. your the alum with seemingly no life but to comment on the doings of student government, What a joke! move on to local or dare i say state politics, unless thats too complicated for you. your like the fuckin old guy sitting outside of the local High school trying to pick up on high school girls cause you think u still got it or something. Your college years are over buddy let go, that doesn’t mean stop caring about what’s going on here but the enthusiasm you bring is on the level of obsession. So heres my advice to you, get a job, get a girlfriend, get a fuckin TV show for all i care, but find something else to do to pass the time because this really isnt working out for you, nobody on here respects you or what you have to say mostly because you are an alum who no idea whats really going on here, and what does happen here wont directly affect you. thats right you dont know who i am, but u have my name at the top so ask around, oh wait thats right you dont do that you just believe what you read and call it a day. ill be sure to ask brandon to do a bio on me soon so you can be better informed. i know people who served in the senate with you, and they all seem to have the same opinion about you, the legacy you left here was, and i quote, “Douchebag”. that says alot to me.

  19. Hey, Dan,

    1)i still dont undertsnad what Chuck was “bitching” about? He took the case as far as it could go, and then got back to work, so if you could explain this to me that would be great

    2) the house didnt do anything about her COS before because noone knew about it dumbass, tiff never told them, and Student Affairs didnt either, what do u want them to do?, hold our governors hand to make sure shes actually reads stuff she should know?

    3) it wasnt owlsgear that was the problem, the shirts that owls gear had on their flyers had fau logos on them. tiff IS guilty of breaking statutes, just not enough to sway the election (according to our justices)

  20. Miller,

    Lets get a few things straight. I make more money than you (40k), I get laid more than you do (unless we count your fist), and SG politics is nothing more than self-flagellation. Period. That is why I went to work for the UP; they get more information to the students than SG ever has.

    I’m glad that you have expressed your lack of respect for freedom of speech. You really are a true patriot; You are an exemplar that students should espouse and follow… Not. It is apparent that I have more intelligence in the clogged hair follicle that resides on the undercarriage of my scrotum than you do in your entire head. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to see that FAU is reaching out to those students with mentally disabilities and offering them he same kind of quality education that I received.

    By the way, who was your english adjunct? I would like to have a word with them. While you are waiting; Why don’t you shave your palms, open your eyes, wash out you mouth out, and try again. Buddy.


    #1. If you (or anyone else) is running for any office, there is a certain behavior and tact that you should have. Making negative comments about the Elections Commission, in the manner that he did, is what my complaint was about. It showed immaturity and a lack of respect; two attributes that are not befitting a respectable leader. It was a grand example of bad judgment.

    FAU used to have an Elections Commissioner (paid position) that was year round. When budget cuts began to rear their head, brass at FAU decided that they didn’t need to be paying for that position if elections lasted only a month. Also, (at the time) Forbes was saying that because the Commissioner was only a Sophomore she was unqualified for her position (when he himself is merely a Sophomore running for a vastly more important position). Hypocrisy is not a good thing, especially in politics. In other words, I was asking him to stop humiliating himself and our school. It was never meant to be personal. I was only trying to help him.

    #2. You are telling me that the House did not have knowledge that Tiffany hired and paid a COS without getting House approval? I believe that says more about the House than it does about Tiffany. Given my experience, this is indicative of the House being just as guilty as Weimar in dereliction of duty (if there was a dereliction of duty at all). Maybe Tiffany didn’t follow the rules to the letter; but, for the House to point fingers when they themselves are just as guilty of dereliction of duty seems petty and hypocritical to me (especially given the day that the resolution was barely made).

    #3. Okay, let us say that you are correct about the flyer violation. I am not saying that the law ought to be ignored. What I am saying is that IF the FRESH party waited until after the election to make such a contestation that it seems like whining by the losing team more than anything else. That is to say, if FRESH made the contestation before the election (and they might have, I’ll have to ask Brandon) then I would pay their complaint “some” charity.

    I say “some” charity because, at least in my opinion (which I have the right to have), that this particular rule is pointless. If a campaign is approved by the Elections Commission and Student Affairs then where is the harm in putting a school logo on your campaign’s advertisements? To argue that, “Students see the logo and right away vote for that party because the think that the school supports that particular party” is not a good argument to make. That kind of thinking is “inductive logic”, which is less preferable than “deductive logic”. This is all that I am saying.

    Reed, I appreciate your follow up. It was well written and and more respectful than your earlier comment. I value your opinions, but respectfully disagree with you on a couple of points. If you find that after you have read this that you agree with me (at least somewhat), great. If not, that is okay too. I am glad that we could clear this up.



  21. Dan, ok i see your pionts about Forbes talking abot the Elections Comissioner, but my opinion still is that he had every right to say that because his party had 5 major violations, and tiff had 3 minor violations, so to say that they cancelled out, which is what the board did, in my opinion is irresponsible, let it go to court and let the justices do their job that they wait all year for.

    As far as the house being just as equal to blame- maybe. But if tiff is never giving reports and student affairs didnt tell the house about her COS, honestly how would they have known? Once her COS came before the house they spoke out about the broken statutes, and they even told her COS to come back next week, because they didnt want to vote on him right their because they felt that their anger towards tiffs irresponsibilities would effect him being her COS. In other words, tiff wasnt their when her COS of staff was, so actually i feel that the house did a great job, and said “please come back next week, with tiff, so she can explain the mix up, and then well vote” well, tiff did come the next week, and her COS was passed.

    And about the logo thing, i still disagree to some extent, I mean if you really think about it, in my opinion the fau logos did make a huge difference in just mere appearence to students. and your piont about forbes’ team not contesting it earlier, i think is ok. I wouldnt have said anything either, its not the opposing teams job to tell on them as soon as they see something, in an election u gather all the info to use at the end, u know? let tiff keep using those flyers, thats more students she is reaching too, which means if forbes lost by a little, which he did, he could have a stronger case to fight with. Thats my opinion about the topics, what do u think?

  22. I still don’t think that what was said of the Election’s Commission was appropriate. I would like to know what violations (supposedly) were committed by FRESH. I was never aware of any (that is not to say there weren’t any).

    Why wasn’t Tiffany giving reports? Did she have class, or where there other responsibilities that we are not aware of? If not, then she is at fault and the House should have acted promptly. Seeing as classes being in January, either this was going on for awhile or just recently. How long has her current COS been on the job? For people to say “The House didn’t know” is unacceptable. Maybe they weren’t made formally aware, but someone had to know. That is a fact. Therefore, if someone (anyone) knew and waited until last week to make a resolution (that just so happened to come on the same day that Tiffany won her election case), that to me smells fishy. If someone is getting paid with A&S fees there has got to be someone in the House that knows about it. Period. That is why I say that the House (if this is true) is just as derelict as Tiffany and has no right to point any fingers. In my opinion that is anti-productive and hypocritical.

    You know how I feel about the logo(s). But, why didn’t anyone look into club involvement a little further. Think about this; whomever has had the support of BSU has won the last 6 or 7 elections (maybe more), and that is just the elections that I have known about. Maybe there ought to be a statute that says, “Any club officer must step down from their position in order to be eligible to run for major office (i.e. Prez, VP, or Gov). I am merely speculating, but it is odd to me that Tiffany is the first Graduate SG

  23. in a long time.

  24. President in a long time. Maybe even the first this century. When a commuter school that has little graduate involvement votes for a grad. student there are a few red flags that go up. This is not to say that she (or her campaign) committed a major violation, but it still is odd.

    Usually SG elections are won through the support of…

    #1. Clubs
    #2. Greeks
    #3. Housing (R.A.s have buku influence upon their residents!)
    #4. Campaigning in the breezeway and at other campuses
    #5. Peer to peer (classroom word of mouth)

    The reason that I don’t think/feel that the FAU logo had that large of an influence on the election is because when I was a freshman, a classmate of mine and I ran a little experiment. We ran for the House as a two-person-party. In other words, we put our two pictures (and names) on the sides of a “certain symbol”. We just wanted to see how many people would vote for someone associated with that symbol. The answer was: 176 (I think my buddy had two less votes than I did). We never campaigned. We never told people that we were running. All that we did do was leave little flyers around the school. So, maybe 7% of the vote was drawn in by the FAU logo, but, that is not enough to win (in and of itself).

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