Student Court Upholds Elections Board Decision

Things are almost at an end.

Yesterday afternoon, the student justices met in the Majestic Palm Room with an audience of around 30 — most of whom were campaign supporters or witnesses, although other notables from Student Affairs, COSO, and GSA were present.

The meeting began 10 minutes later than scheduled as Chief Justice Burdman waited on Weimar and O’Reilly to show up.

After hearing the case from Forbes’ FRESH party and the defense from Weimar’s YOUR party, the court upheld the election board’s earlier dismissal, on all counts.

Though Chief Justice Burdman indirectly said O’Reilly was either lying or misremembered at one point, when she testified her Facebook profile picture was never a scan of a campaign flyer during the days of voting. Burdman said she was under oath and that he remembered differently, but it wasn’t pushed any further.

This decision means Weimar is one short step from the official win — the only appeal left to the Forbes ticket is one of due process to Student Affairs. Forbes didn’t say yea or nay to me on it, telling me he “was going to need some time” and when I asked Associate Dean of Students Terry Mena if he thought the ticket would appeal further, he laughed and said I was optimistic  for inferring they wouldn’t.

I’ll edit some more quotes into this post later — the batteries in my recorder have died and I want to report accurate quotes. Sorry.

Interesting stuff happened at the House meeting directly after this judicial hearing, too — more on this soon.


2 Responses to “Student Court Upholds Elections Board Decision”

  1. Its over. There is no way that Student Affairs is going to approve another election; They want this over and done with.

    I didn’t mean to continue the rumor of your GPA. For that, I apologize. Everything else that I said/wrote is fair game. I hope (for your sake) that you take my advice and try again next year. Don’t forget those apologies.

    That was really smart purchasing your t-shirts through the! But I have to know; Did they give you a discount for allowing them to put their logo on your shirts, or do they place their logo on all of their shirts? I think you got a discount (genius). Hopefully you will use those wits to save the students some cash when you are El Presidente.

    I told you so (with love).

    God job friend! I do have a request (You do requests, don’t you?). Please interview Chief Justice Burdman (Any relation to Harvey Birdman P.A.?) about the ins and outs of the case. By that I mean, I would like to know exactly why each allegation didn’t stick. I would also like to know if he discussed the case with anyone from Student Affairs or the B.O.T. before the hearing. While you’re at it, ask him if he would consider compulsive flatulence contempt of court. Inquiring minds want to know.

    Michael K…
    I’m coming for your gold you jewish leprechaun!! Sacagawea, here I come baby!!!

  2. Does anybody have the time? Que hora es?

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