I Don’t Have Another Phrase That Conveys “The Election’s Still Not Over”

If you’re having a look because you read my story in print, yeah, the election still isn’t over. The appeals process continues and Chief Justice Mike Burdman will be holding a hearing Friday at 2 p.m.

I can’t show you exactly what documents they’re going to be debating, since SG and Media Relations still haven’t provided me with the actual contestation forms, though I requested them nine days ago (when they were due to the elections board). This is what Media Relations Press Secretary Kristine Gobbo had to say about that:

The Division of Student Affairs forwarded me the documents yesterday [March 10]. I then immediately forwarded the documents to the General Counsel’s office for their review to make sure that all the information contained in the 40+ pages of documents is public. As soon as I have more information, I’ll be in touch.

She hasn’t been in touch since five days ago, when I quit bothering to harass her about it. And even if they handed it all over to me right now, I guess that averages out to the General Counsel being able to scribble out what they want on about 5 pages a day. I asked what in that information could be so dangerously unpublic, and she said “Generally, with these types of records, they are primarily concerned about the privacy of student information … home addresses, phone numbers, etc.”


That said, I have talked to the candidates and have an idea what the contestations are about. Weimar’s ticket didn’t appeal the election board’s decision to dismiss all of them, so hers are now irrelevant. For Forbes’ ticket, there were about half a dozen, and range from things like having an FAU logo on flyers and T-shirts, to storing campaign T-shirts in the BSU&MP office, to Collene O’Reilly, Weimar’s VP, campaigning on Facebook using her title of Black Student Union Director.

The question at hand for the justices isn’t whether these things are a violation or not, it’s whether there’s enough evidence to prove they happened AND that it matters votewise. The burden of proof is on the Forbes ticket, and if the evidence doesn’t stand up, then nothing happens and the presidential election comes to an official close. There’s a run-off for a couple other things, including Boca Governor, but that can’t be scheduled until this appeals process plays out, according to the SG adviser, Rivka Felsher.

If you’re read my print story (and even if you haven’t) you might be wondering why the hell Chuck Forbes is fighting so hard. I talked to him about it last week, and part of that made it into the story; the rest didn’t really fit the news angle of the story, because it’s all about him. But the psychology is still pretty interesting, at least to me. Other excerpts of that interview are below the jump, if you’re interested.

Forbes first described for me what reasons he received for his contestations being dismissed. Then, he said the elections board completely missed the point or was slacking off.

“The whole point is just for the process to go all the way. When the reasons came back, it just seemed a little lazy, honestly. The big picture is messing with students’ A&S fees, and when you break statutes, you have a problem. That’s the big picture,” Forbes said. He was referring to specific things like the T-shirts in the BSU office, which he says they provided photographic evidence of and which the election board dismissed as “too blurry.”

“Short of us getting in there with a professional camera and having Collene pose with a T-shirt in front of the BSU office, you’re not gonna get a portrait of the BSU office and the T-shirts, but then again we’re not just taking pictures of T-shirts in a box: I mean we had four pictures there and the office is only so big,” Forbes said.

He also said he would be satisfied with the student court’s decision, whatever that is.

“If it had gone to the student court originally, and the student court looked us in the eye or gave us a detailed written statement that said, ‘Look, I appreciate your contestations, and honestly it does count, but we don’t have enough evidence to take away votes or to have a runoff,’ we would’ve been content with that. That’s a decision I could live with,” said Forbes.

He later talked about why he wanted to be president in the first place, and brought up Tony Teixeira, who served as president before Abe Cohen. Teixeira’s something of a role model for Forbes.

“My ultimate goal ever since I set foot on this campus and I saw Tony speak at my orientation. I said to myself, I want to have that position one day. Because I felt like he was the ultimate resource for myself. And what really got me to was to see Tony at the Weeks of Welcome barbecue the next day. And I said OK, this guy said he was gonna be on campus and now I see him on campus. And that’s how you gotta back students up,” said Forbes.

He talked too about how bad the elections process makes SG look to the average student, and suggested that perception had a lot to do with the low involvement students have with Student Government.

“Walking down the Breezeway, everyone who talks to me and Josh [Simmons] asks, have you won yet? Our answer is typically ‘not yet,’ and we leave it at that. Because to say that we unofficially lost, the next question is, what do you mean unofficially? And then you gotta get into all the things. The students won’t understand it, it makes SG look bad. There has to be an efficient system in place. And as soon as those decisions are made, the students need to know,” said Forbes.

He had a lot to say about keeping students informed, actually. He ripped Abe Cohen’s relationship with the House, for one thing.

“A lot of times Abe isn’t there to give his report, and the problem is the executive branch talks about being a resource for students. But there’s 27,000 students, you can’t reach everybody, but that’s why you have a House. If you don’t go and give your House report and let the House members reach out to 500 students individually, then the students aren’t getting the message they’re supposed to. It’s just a simple process that doesn’t take a lot of time, you stand at the podium and take five minutes to say what you did this week, what you’re doing next week, and tell them, ‘go tell the students,'” Forbes said.

He also said he plans to start a Facebook group to do just that in a couple weeks – I’ll let you know if he follows through. If so, he’d come a little closer to living up to the statute requirement of publicly posting House minutes and agendas. If not, well, no surprise.

All of this was said with frankness and calm, but Forbes’ language and some of the accusations made it pretty clear he was still dealing with the emotions of the campaign. We talked about that, too.

“After the unofficial results were in, I was every emotion you can imagine. I was angry, I was sad, I was pissed. I was like, how could this happen? Every single thought went through my head and that day I didn’t talk to anybody. My mom, my friends called me, and I didn’t want to talk to a single person because I didn’t even want to get into it,” said Forbes. “The next day I woke up and I said we can still make a difference for the students. The day the election results came out, I honestly said, that’s it, I’m gonna be a thorn in everybody’s side just because I was angry.”

He decided the day after that, maybe that’s not the right way to deal with it.

“Then the next day I woke up and I said, you know what, I have all these platforms in front of me here and there’s no reason I can’t do what I planned even though I’m not in executive office, and that’s the truth. The only difference is they’re not gonna pay me, and that’s fine,” said Forbes.

I think you start to get a portrait of him; I see him as a frustrated idealist, and that’s not a bad guy to have in SG, I’d say.


19 Responses to “I Don’t Have Another Phrase That Conveys “The Election’s Still Not Over””

  1. “Having an FAU logo on flyers and T-shirts”?
    Chuck, did you think that people voted for her rather than you because she had an FAU logo on her T-shirt?

    “Storing campaign T-shirts in the BSU&MP office”??
    Your proof is 4 fuzzy pictures? Was she (Tiffany) or any member of her campaign actively campaigning in the University Center? Can you prove that? It sounds reasonable to me that the Vice Presidential candidate held T-shirts in her BSU office (so long as she didn’t campaign in the U.C.). I remember when everyone knew (or at least felt) that Kirk Murray (SGA President 2006-2006) was going to campaign during a CSU meeting in the UC. So, the other party had sent a representative with a tape recorder and threw a wrench into those plans. Remember, its not what you know, its what you can prove. Fuzzy pictures just don’t cut the mustard; Instead they cut the cheese.

    “Collene O’Reilly, Weimar’s VP, campaigning on Facebook using her title of Black Student Union Director”???
    But, was she campaigning using A&S fees? She is technically the President of BSU; Why then shouldn’t she be able to tell people that when she is campaigning? Did you ever think that her title might have negatively impacted her campaign? Does “I am Senator Barrack Obama and I approved this message” ring any bells?

    Chuck, I know you spent some money and probably talked a big game to your friends about how great it was going to be President, but you should really take an objective look at yourself and what you are doing. It sounds to me (and probably many other people) like you are whining sour grapes because you lost. I can prove it. How many of these “contestations” did you submit before the election was over? I’d really like to see what you have to say about that.

    You say you want to be like Tony Texiera, but you’re acting exactly the opposite from the way that he acted. Tony didn’t put down the SGA President (Dan Wilson) when he was robbed of the SGA Presidency (2006); Believe me when I say that Tony had so many things that he could have contested and bitched about, but he was wise enough to properly choose his battles so that he didn’t sound like a child. Instead, he took his lumps like a man, kept his argument centered on contestations that could have altered the outcome, and when he was still screwed he didn’t complain. Instead, he built an even stronger coalition, came back, and won the next year (2007).

    “Whaaaaaaa; Abe isn’t calling every student and letting them know what is going on and I would do such a better job.” If the students want to know what is going on they should either, (1.) Attend an SGA meeting, (2.) Read Brandon’s blog, or (3.) Make an appointment to talk to Abe himself (not in that particular order).

    Also, you can’t just skirt the rules. You’re talking about how procedures weren’t followed “to a T” in one breath, and in the next stating that the contestations should have gone directly to the Student Court. Are you farking kidding yourself? Show some class buddy! Just because you do not agree with the findings of the elections commission doesn’t give you the right to put the girl (Elections Commissioner) down because she is a Sophomore whom was hired only a couple of weeks prior to the election. Almost anyone could do that job with only a weeks training. It has been done at least a dozen times or more. It is so convienient that people always complain about these temporary paid positions. “He/she wasn’t hired early enough.” “He/she was hired too early and now we have to pay them more than what we budgeted for.” “We don’t need to have an elections commission for that long.” Just shut up about that shite, its pathetic!

    I really do admire that you are fighting hard for something that you want; however, you need to understand that wise people choose their battles wisely. So far, your arguments seem like a kid who has struck out in baseball and tries to call a mulligan in hopes for one more pitch. “That one doesn’t count because there was sand in my eye!” “That one doesn’t count because I was distracted by the other teams jersey had the FAU logo on it!” Its really sad. The only thing that you are changing is the student’s perception of you (and probably for the worse).

    Please stay in SG. I mean it. Use this to light a fire under your ass. Show a little class, exit gracefully, and come back next year and run again. By doing this you will show people that you truly care and that you have character. The way that you are acting now is instead telling people that you are a character.

    Good luck (next year)!


  2. Maybe Chuck can also open his textbooks a couple times and get something better than a C- average.

  3. dan, we agree that the Forbes ticket is comming off as whining babies, or at least thats the way everyone is making them out to be. I do have a problem with your run-down of the contestations as i fear you have left out a few things and i wouldnt want to confuse anyone.

    first things first; There were no “findings” by the election board, unless you count them dismissing all of the contestations on the basis of lack of evidence without much deliberation, they didnt even have a hearing. Now the fact that the student court has met already and decided there was enough evidence to have an actual hearing tells me, and should tell you, that they believe there is enough evidence to move on. im sorry i trust our chief justice far more than i trust an elections commissioner who has no experience in her position of in life in general being just a sophmore, whereas the Chief Justice is in his late 20’s and about to attend grad school. my trust rests with the wiser.

    and so we can move on to Collene; Election Statutes state, 314.300.q “Student Government officers or entities shall not endorse any
    candidate, ticket or party while acting within the official scope
    of their office or position.” and also 314.300.l “No campaigning may take place and no campaign materials of any sort may be displayed or stored in Student Government offices. now collene campaigning as BUSMP directioron facebook is up to the justices for interpretation, but no matter what no candidate may have abe on their flyers stating “Im FAU’s student body president and i approve this” that does not mean that abe cant help campaign because he did, and the fact that most people know hes student body president certainly helped. Collene as BSUMP director is considered a SG offficer and entity, and is therefore barred from campaigning while shes acting as the BSUMP director, Especially in her office. If the shirt was visable enough to get a picture, no matter how blurry the picture was as long as it shows substance, than thats campaigning plain and simple and chuck has a case there.

    lets move on to my favorite one of these, the FAU logo; This caught my eye during the elections and if i was running i wudda made such a big stink over it the new york times wudda known about it. Elections statutes state 314.300.o “Candidates, tickets and parties may not use any official FAU seal or logo in campaign materials including but not limited to websites.” Its on the your party shirts and on ALOT of flyers. all the evidence you need here is a Shirt showing the logo, and a flyer showing the logo and you have your case open and shut. When you attach any-kind of FAU logo to something, the person who reads it is automatically under the assumption that FAU supports this. FAU has to stay and appear neutral in the elections process or its a problem. any student could have seen a your party shirt and simply gone, “FAU supports them, i will too” because its so easy to do.

    Dan we agree that Forbes should be handling this a little differently, and should stop bad-talking everyone involved. Mabey hes pissed because he feels cheated i dont know im not him. but i will say this, Fight on Chuck because from what im hearing your not throwing shit on the wall to see what sticks, these are violations that could have affected the outcome and you want to make sure your not cheated out of an office you obviously feel passionate about for a school you care about. So take dans advice Chuck with a grain of salt, choose your battles, as in choose not to name call the people involved because they didnt see it your way, its not going to help much either, and choose to keep pushing to make sure this election process wasent tainted because im glad somebody is.

    and -s, lets keep the cheap shots to a minimum, i admire someone who is more like an average student running, lets face it the majority of college students do not have over a 2.7 gpa and the fact that chuck and josh let everyone of our 27,000 students know their C students is courageous. I personally think GPA/ and intelligence should have nothing to do with eleceted leaders. as in NO GPA requirements, your will to learn as nothing to do with your ability to lead.

  4. hey -s, i know chuck, and his gpa is way higher than a c-. his running mate lowered his grades becuz 2 ppl died in his family in 7 days. chuck was deemed disqualified becuz he was running with simmons, even tho simmons STILL MADE GRADES. so get ur story str8, and i dont even want to comment on anything else. i know what forbes is doing we talk a lot, and it may seem like whining, but ppl who know the big picture get it. DO BASKETBALL PLAYERS SAY “NO, I DONT WANT TO GO INTO OVERTIME, EVEN THOUGH THE GAME IS TIED?” NO THEY DONT. you play to win, if you can still win, then you still play. all of your analysis’ on the contestations are closed-minded.

  5. andrew, my analysis’ of the contestations are definitely not closed-minded but rather a statement of how the contestations apply to statute and defining the thin line of breaking and bending the rules. I doubt u read all of what i wrote or u would have caught that. I too know and talk with chuck quite frequently, almost daily. I also know Gov. Wiemar and cheif justice burdman, and collene. Im very informed as to whats going on believe me and i would appreciate it if you read my post completely and not sum up my explanations of what was said in dan’s. no offense to what he wrote but at least im brining statutory examples. now if you did read what i wrote and could not understand what was being said than i appologize for not being clear enough, but im sure if u re-read what i have to say you will be on the same page as I. after all i did vote for chuck so i bet what i wrote leans a little in his direction, now why wud u call me closed minded if we seem to be on the same side of the argument? only reason i can think of is u didnt read it all, dont let a lil text scare you.

  6. Dismissing a contestation is a “finding”; i.e. by dismissing the case the Elections commission (more than one person) found that the contestation is without enough merit to justify another election. This is true whether you want to admit it or not.

    I am not saying that the case does or does not have merit; I am simply stating that… (1.) Sniping the elections supervisor is petty and shows a lack of good judgment. The last time I checked petty and lacking judgment was no way to go through life (of Student Government) son. (2.) Many of these “contestations” appear as sour grapes type griping more so than they do serious offenses.

    Moving on…

    I feel that you articulate your next point very well. After reading your comment I agree that 314.300 should be clarified (if it hasn’t been already by precedent). What am I talking about specifically?

    I believe that the main spirit of 314.300 is to prevent people from campaigning at the University Center and other events that are facilitated using A&S fees. The amendment was written because administration didn’t want student’s money going towards a particular campaign.

    I have to tell you, when I read what you wrote about “substance” I almost crapped my pants in laughter!

    “Collene as BSUMP director is considered a SG offficer and entity, and is therefore barred from campaigning while shes acting as the BSUMP director, Especially in her office. If the shirt was visable enough to get a picture, no matter how blurry the picture was as long as it shows substance, than thats campaigning plain and simple and chuck has a case there.”

    It does not matter if the t-shirt was or was not a campaign t-shirt; What does matter was if members of their campaign were “campaigning” using A&S fees.

    If someone was walking around the UC and/or FAU Club meetings whilst handing out t-shirts saying, “Vote for So and So!”, then they would be in violation of 314.300. If a campaign but a poster up in the UC, then they would be violating 314.300. Just because a particular campaign has blurry pictures of another campaign merely storing a box of t-shirts in a closet at the UC does not (in my opinion) violate the spirit of 314.300. I know that you are a fan of semantics, so, I suppose that you will say that simply possessing a t-shirt (or closed box of t-shirts) constitutes “campaigning” in your eyes; but it does not (in and of itself).

    Also, Collene should be able to list her mention her executive experience leading BSU while campaigning for office, so long as she doesn’t do so while using A&S fees. If she were to stand up during a BSU meeting and say, “Hi, my name is Collene and I am the BSU President and I would like you to vote for me for such and such office.”, then you would be correct. But she didn’t do that. She did not exploit A&S fees to win an election. Did Forbes tell anyone that he was a Boca House Representative during the election? Than in your eyes he is just as guilty. This is petty griping and it is beneath the intelligence of the student body (or at least it should be).

    On to your next point…

    “Candidates, tickets and parties may not use any official FAU seal or logo in campaign materials including but not limited to websites.” Actually, you may have a case here.

    The law is not vague (so it appears that Forbes has that going for him); However, if you look at FAU precedent set by prior contestations, the court has asked the contesting party to prove that the use of the logo contributed to the victory of the campaign who used it. That is next to impossible to prove since you would need to find a large number of people who voted for Weimar to come forward and testify to the shallowness of voting upon someone merely because they had “FAU” printed on their t-shirt.

    Unfortunately precedent has leaned upon the opposite side of the logical choice of this issue and has allowed (multiple times) for this particular rule to be overlooked. I personally feel that this rule is unnecessary. Why shouldn’t a legitimately recognized party be allowed to use the FAU logo so long as it is done tastefully and with the permission of Student Affairs. The argument,

    “When you attach any-kind of FAU logo to something, the person who reads it is automatically under the assumption that FAU supports this.”

    is as weak as my grandmother after running the IronMan Triathlon. Using your argument one could suggest that I could put the FAU logo on a t-shirt with a large swastika underneath it and people will believe that FAU supports the Nazi Party. That is “inductive” logic my friend. We are not Sophists at FAU. We are looking for “deductive” logic buddy.

    I definitely think that Mr. Forbes has every right to contest the election. Anyone who knows me will say that I am all for people exercising their rights. But, whatever Forbes chooses to do, he should do so in an intellectual and professional manner.

    It looks so bad when Forbes, a Sophomore running with less than a 2.5 GPA for the office of SGA President, puts down another Sophomore with a higher GPA and calls them too “inexperienced” to be an Elections Supervisor/Commissioner. “Hey! That person over there who is a better student (than me) is not experienced enough to be in a position that is vastly less important than the one that I am running for! Vote for me!” Yeah…

    There shouldn’t be any GPA requirements to run for office in SGA? Are you serious?!

    So, (according to your logic) I could just sign up for classes, never attend a class, and still be a school leader/Board of Trustees member? Farking genius!

    It may be true that having a low GPA may not necessarily mean that you are not able to be a good leader, but it does show something. It shows how much a student is dedicated (at least to their classes). I believe it is a good measure to a student’s character and how they might fare in a leadership position.

    Look at George W. Bush for instance. This man was barely a “C” student for a University that his father had to buy his way into, and look what kind of leader he turned out to be? Do we want our leaders to be an average Joe, or would we like them to be above average?

    I think that we should espouse our leaders. We should look up to our leaders; We should look up to their intelligence as well as their character. With Mr. Forbes ranting and negative comments (and GPA), it seems that he is not yet ready to be the leader that FAU needs and deserves.

    But, he can be. He should let the court run its course and to accept wherever the chips finally fall. No matter what happens, he should definitely apologize to both the Elections Commissioner and the Weimar campaign for his childish remarks. If he doesn’t, he runs the risk of looking like a sore winner or a sore loser; neither of which will help him no matter what his political fate may be.

    Personally, I don’t think that this is his year. Hopefully he learns from his mistakes, corrects the issues he needs to address, and tries again next year to give it another shot. Right now I do not think that Mr. Forbes possesses the intelligence or character to be the President of Florida Atlantic University’s SGA.

    Its just a matter of opinion.


  7. I won’t get involved in the debate of opinion, but I will make a factual clarification and confirm one thing “andrew” said: It was Josh’s GPA that was in the murky 2.0-2.5 (for the last semester, not overall) range that Student Affairs confused and disqualified the ticket for. The rule is, if your running mate gets disqualified, you do too.

    Of course, that raises the question of running with someone who has a low-ish GPA, or running with someone whose GPA you didn’t even ask about. But it never was Chuck’s GPA in question. I haven’t a clue what Chuck’s GPA is, though I could ask.

  8. One more thing…

    For the record, the game isn’t tied; one team has an one-hundred point lead.

    If you think that there is an “overtime” after the game is over with one hundred points between the two teams, then I don’t know what to say.

    I’m sorry to hear about Simmons’ family issues. I will pray for him.

    Forbes, even if your GPA is higher than a 2.5, you still need to exercise tact and good judgement when talking about others (especially in politics).

  9. easy now dan your getting a little ahead of yourself, i think u may have over looked some of the meaning behind what i said so ill clarify. now i dont have to time to write as much as u because i have work to tend to but here it goes,

    first of all if u think sum1 who just enrolled and didnt go to class and didnt care about FAU could ever get elected you have NO faith in this student body or democracy for that matter, i simply mean the “adult overseers of student Government” more commonly known as Student affairs and the BOT should not tell us who we can and cant elect, thats up to us, its our government.

    secondly, you and i are obviously educated people but the average person is not lets face it, so i have to say if u put a FAU owl logo and a swatztika on a hoodie and walk around the mall i guarantee you people will find AFFILIATION with FAU and NAZIS. so there will be a connection between the 2 and i bet the school wud even get a few phone calls about it given the jewish population in boca. so im sorry but when 1 campaign uses a fau logo and the other dosent it does show the average person that fau is affiliated with them and obviously supports them, especially if the other party does not use the logo. it needs to be 1 way or the other no logos or yes logos. i also feel this is needless statute, let em both use the logo who cares, but when statues says (in lehmans terms) “no logos because we dont want it to seem like the school specifically supports someone over the other” then they need to be upheld not overlooked.

    I dont like bush either so we dont even need to go there, except for u need to be remember he didnt win the popular vote, and here at fau we dont use the electoral college system.

    The election chair warned all SG members from the beginning to not even wear campaign shirts around the offices. i have not seen these pictures, but i believe if a shirt is hanging up in the BSU offices thats campaigning. if theyre being stroed in a box and out of the way, i say who cares then but then how cud there be a picture good enough to constitute evidence? even if collene was wearing a shirt i wud say it was fine honestly i agree with u there. it all depends wuts on the pictures, and if it looks like its hanging up for people to see then its campaigning.

    lastly because i have to go. i agree with you about using your position, they both did blah blah blah. but the key here is what you said, collene cant say that stuff at a BSU meeting. but outside of her meetings and offices she can use her position however she wishes just like abe and chuck and tiff. statutes define this as “acting within the scope of your office”. so dont get it twisted we agree here.

  10. I will be honest. I voted for Tiffany. However, If she broke the rules (no matter how small) I would not vote for her in the run off. Abe is the worst president we could have and the current SG is only trying to help Tiffany. I have chnged my mind about the election and I hope a strong person who won’t back down like Chuck wins.

  11. as a member of SG i can assure you theres waaay more people dissatisfied with the job the Gov. has done than approve of it. as for everything else, we’ll find out today wont we.

  12. Tiffany did break the rules.

    Hello, can we please look at the back of those shirts STUDENT GOVERNMENT passes out for the home football games, i.e Destroy Troy, Bleed it Blue, etc.

    What do they all say in the back?


    the SAME exact thing as what was said on the back of the YOUR party shirts. So if I was an un-concerned student, that would be the first thing that runs through my mind. “Oh, the same people who gives us free shirts for FBALL games supports these guys, I’m voting YOUR!”

    And for the record, it was the VP candidate of the F.R.E.S.H ticket that had the bad GPA, not Chuck, get your facts straight before you begin to post crap.

  13. Interested Says:

    So out of curiosity what were Chuck and Tiffany’s GPA’s?

  14. wow, this is quite a conversation here. Way back in the day when both parties first declared candidacy, I did a student profile on Forbes for one of my classes, his GPA was a 3.1 then, so it is still the same now since we are still in the same semester. I actually called him after I read everything on this page, and he said thats its fine, he has heard about it but doesnt really want to read it because some things people say can be distracting, but he said he has no problem if i tell ppl his GPA just for the record. Tiffany, I have know idea about, but I do know that Chuck is a great person, I have known him for years and still has big plans for FAU if hes in office or not. Hope that helps.

  15. Interested Says:

    Ok, so he’s got about a B average and I know Tiffany is a grad student so she has to have a decent GPA. Another thing that should be called out in this mess then is that UP could have done a better job covering the disqualification issue and that it wasn’t Forbes with the low GPA. I’m too busy with classes to really dig deep into the candidates during an election however I did read the articles as well as watch the online videos before voting and the way it came across in the UP articles was that Forbes had a really low GPA and that was my personal deciding factor for voting for Tiffany because it sounded like someone that doesn’t work hard was running. UP could have been a better job at describing exactly what the problem was because it seems like from the comments in this blog post that was known and I decided my vote on bad information from the press. I’m not trying to be negative here but thats my perspective as a voter who reads the UP in this election.

  16. Agreed, The UP realy dropped the ball this election.

  17. Re: Agreed,

    You guys are always going to say that. Feel free to join the UP and do a better job.

    Re: Interested,

    That’s a fact that fell through the cracks and I take the blame for it. It was explained in a sidebar for the original story that got cut, and it was explained at the debate, but OwlTV didn’t post the full debate, only a few clips.

    I overlooked that this detail wasn’t subsequently clarified; I knew it and assumed I’d already said it. For that, I apologize.

  18. Brandon the election week issue of the UP had barely any mention of the election nor did it even advertise when or where to vote, correct me if im wrong at anytime. The Cover and spread of that Issue was something about the Variety of Clubs FAU offers. ask any student on campus and you will find that the election was much more important and interesting to students than learning how diverse of a club selection we have here. Mind you promoting our diverse selection of clubs is important, but I really dont believe it takes a front seat to Getting the facts out about what the leaders that we are about to vote on Stand for and have accomplished, especially the week of the election. yes this was dropping the ball, do I blame you? no, i dont believe you are the final decision on what makes it into print. but those that do hold that power dropped the ball and do not know what the students want to read about and when they want to read it. this is important in attracting readers as im sure i dont need to tell you. i dont know if i could do a better job honestly, but seeing as how it is your job right now why dont you take our advice as constructive criticism to make not only yourself but the entire UP better and more beneficial to the student body.

  19. Anonymous bitches,

    Like Brandon said…

    If you can do a better job, then join the UP!

    If not, please sip from this cup of shut the fuck up!!

    I know why these anuses don’t join the UP; #1. You can’t remain anonymous, and #2. You need to be able to think (and write) intelligibly.


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