Yeah — It’s Still Not Over

We’ll know Friday afternoon at the earliest if the election’s officially over.

Chief Justice Mike Burdman met with his associates this evening and discussed the contestations the election board summarily dismissed early last week. They looked at the appeal from Forbes’ ticket and the huge stack of evidential paperwork. After half an hour’s worth of paper-shuffling and reading aloud, they concluded they needed to hold a hearing.

Three justices of the five were in attendance, enough for quorum — so their decision was legit. Another was there via phone, but didn’t have any of the paperwork in front of her.

They’ll meet Friday at 2 p.m., and I’ll post when I have more information. No reaction from the candidates yet.

Meanwhile, I still don’t have all the contestations — it’s been more than a week and Media Relations hasn’t provided the paperwork, while SG refuses to. I have most of the evidence from Forbes’ ticket and I’ll try to get that up soon — they just finally gave that to me today, too. Slow-going all around, it seems.

I’ll be posting another entry soon, about why Forbes is still fighting this so hard. And look for my story in print tomorrow; I’ll link it here when it’s online.


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