SG Quote of the Week

“When we were campaigning, a lot of students in the House didn’t even know what the Board of Trustees was.” — Presidential candidate Chuck Forbes, in an interview about election contestations this afternoon.

The BOT is the group that makes all the major FAU policy decisions. They meet more or less monthly. Your SG president, Abe Cohen, sits on this board. If House members don’t know that, I’m not sure if that’s more Abe’s fault or their own.

I brought this up during the debate last month, too, and said when the next meeting was and, of course, I was the only student present at that next meeting, other than Abe. Oh well.

On a tangential note, I know you guys are waiting for the official election results. I’m not slacking off on the issue: I’ve been fighting with the election board, Student Affairs, and Media Relations all week over these contestations, which they wouldn’t release to me freely. I filed a public records request Monday and more than 72 hours later, they haven’t delivered. I’ll get into the details of this in a later entry.

What I can say right now is that there were several contestations from both tickets that the elections board dismissed them all, and that Forbes’ ticket appealed that decision to the student court yesterday. I’ll be in touch with the chief justice to find out what the student court decides soon, and you can look for a story from me on this drawn-out process in next week’s print edition of the UP.


7 Responses to “SG Quote of the Week”

  1. What are they contesting?

  2. Word On Da Street is that it involves violations that could possibly disqualify one of the candidates

  3. There are two contestations Chuck Forbes felt could disqualify Tiffany Weimar. Weimar hasn’t responded to me, so I don’t know about hers.

    And I don’t have all the documentation because, as I said, FAU’s being difficult in providing it.

    More to come.

  4. This contestation process is a procedural “Dog and Pony” show. Period.

    Forbes ticket is doomed, here is why.

    #1. Unless there is hard evidence that Weimar’s ticket did something uber egregious the Chief Justice will not even take the case. I am not even sure if it is the CJ’s sole discretion. Back in the day there had to be a consensus of the entire panel of justices; By that I mean, the Justices from every campus would vote on whether or not to take the case.

    So, if more than 3 justices decide (for whatever reason) not to take the case, the issue is dead in the water. If they do decide to try the case, Forbes would still need a majority.

    Could this happen? It is possible, but than again so is world peace.

    #2. FAU is getting enough bad press. Even Brogan is making video announcements about next years budget shortage. It costs money to have a “runoff” election.

    Looking past this, Weimar can and will likely counter sue because if she was ineligible she should have never been allowed to run in the first place. Even if she doesn’t win, she can still tie up the Presidency and cost the school thousands while doing so.

    Brogan and the BOT are smart. I foresee (if things even get this far) FAU’s lawyers overriding any finding the Supreme Court comes up with that would cost the school more money.

    Can they do this?


    The BOT can do whatever they want.


    They are an illusion. In “times of crisis” “rights” disappear fast than doughnuts at a police station (and we are certainly in a financial crisis).

    My prediction…

    Weimar chooses next year’s drapes, Forbes licks his wounds, remains involved in any way he can, and stays hungry for the next year’s election.

  5. Damn you spell/grammar check! Damn you!!

  6. Dear SGA… please build us a dedicated game room in the Student Union. Brian Keintz already has all the financials worked out. He just needs the money to get the project going.

  7. Dave,

    I’m not in SG but I’ll pass along your request. It would serve you better to e-mail or call the relevant people yourself, though. I’d suggest President Cohen ( and Speaker Sherman (

    Good luck,

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