Earth-Shattering Election Results

Commenter Todd complains that I haven’t posted the results — fair enough, I got them Friday evening.

He then tries to bash me for not breaking SG scandals over Spring Break which means I, and somehow the rest of the UP, suck and are a mere shell of our four-year-old glory. Well, OK.

The results, which are unofficial and yet-to-be-contested, are as follows:

Weimar/O’Reilly: 1175 votes (52%)

Forbes/Simmons: 1071 votes (48%)

So by a margin of 104 votes (or only 52 voters, depending on how you look at it), Tiffany Weimar and Collene O’Reilly have unofficially won student body president and VP. The way the timeline played out this year, expense justification and contestation hearings won’t happen until after the break.

The governorships go to:

Boca: Jamal Hamilton with 624 votes (36%)

Broward: Melinda Baugh with 58 votes (100%)

Jupiter: Tara Boulos with 97 votes (36%)

Treasure Coast: Megan Schroeder (100%)

Congrats and good luck to our anticipated winners.

For those interested in other ballot measures, 53% of voters support paying a semesterly “green fee” of 50 cents. 76% support limiting smoking areas on campus and 65% support outright banning smoking on campus.


14 Responses to “Earth-Shattering Election Results”

  1. Brandon, I like what you do, i think your good at it, that is when u actually do something. I dont want this to come off as bashing you, because as i said i think you are very good at what you do. But i too along with many others have been wondering where the UP has been throughout the election process, for example, The election week issue of the UP was about how diverse of a selection of clubs FAU has to offer. Theres a long tradition at this school of the UP and SG always butting heads and because of that the UP has, at least until this election cycle, always done its best to expose SG. I’ll tell u first hand theres still alot to be exposed and yall arnt doin it. So is it then time for SG and the UP to again bump heads so they can remind each other of their place?
    Election results were released at aprx. 10AM and by released i meen posted all over the 2nd level of the student union. so if u didnt get them til friday night you werent really looking for them.
    Ever since Nixon the Media has played a very important role in keeping Government honest. FAU is no exception and You of all people Brandon should know and embrace this because its your job. It took a comment that “bashed” you for you to even post a blog about results. For the sake of FAU and SG, Step your game up Brandon, or give the SG beat over to someone who will.

  2. Brandon Says:

    Two things.

    One: I appreciate the honest critique, which I largely agree with.

    Two: I’m a person first, student second, reporter third. I was having teeth yanked out of my head Thursday afternoon, came in medicated and out-of-it early Friday afternoon and asked Rivka for the results. She got them to me that evening. I could have–and should have–gotten off my ass, copied them myself and posted them, but I wasn’t too clear-headed or, well, motivated.

    The larger issue is, as you point toward, I’m the only one covering SG. And as a grad student, I don’t have a lot of time for it. Nor do I think there’s anyone to hand the beat off to–I’m the one doing it now because I’m the only one who was willing in the first place. (I’m told it’s because I have “justice issues.”)

    I take your rebuke in good faith. While I won’t change my priorities and I’m not in a position to orient the UP more heavily toward SG, I’ll try to “step up my game.”

    And as an apparent insider, should you decide it’s more important to expose things than for me to unearth them, well–I’m here.

  3. Brandon,

    Don’t you know that articles written under the influence of painkillers are totally more awesome than those that aren’t?

    What kind of journalist are you?

    100 votes. That is a larger margin of victory than the past three or four SGA Presidential elections.

    How many candidates were there for President?

    If there were more than two than there has to be a runoff. Fun fun fun. Ha!

  4. Brandon Says:

    Only two, Dan. But I do expect it to be contested anyway. We’ll see–or I will and report it.

  5. Just a quick point/Correction:

    Election Statutes

    317.300 The Student Body President, Vice President, and Governor’s Offices must be won by simple majority vote of all votes cast in an election.

    A simple majority is at least one vote over 50% of the votes for an office. So, the Jupiter Campus and the Boca Campus will have run-offs between the top two candidates. I know this is a blog, but some people do come here for information. I’m not sure why. But they do. I typically think of blogs as a place where people anonymously attack people rather than an information resource. Hence my relatively anonymous critique of your reporting.

    Covering SG is a great opportunity for the students that work at the UP and it’s disappointing that no one else was interested in the job. SG could provide an opportunity to write something that could impress a future employer at a publication or an admissions officer at a school for a Masters in Journalism. I’m not saying you have to turn into the “Enquirer” UP of years past, but thoughtful articles keeping officials accountable and accessible could be interesting.

  6. Brandon Says:

    My mistake, I thought Dan was referring to the presidential race–you’re absolutely right about the governors.

  7. How did the other Boca candidates do like Zack Tortora or Sai Lo or Nick Nelson?

    By the way if SG IS having scandals/doing anything inappropriate isn’t it your obligation to report it? I mean it would be a heck of a story!

  8. Brandon Says:

    The breakdown for the Boca govs is:

    Jamal Hamilton: 624 votes (36%)
    Zach Tortora: 458 votes (27%)
    Sai Lo: 385 votes (22%)
    Nick Nelson: 200 votes (12%)
    Don Karney: 54 votes (3%)

    It is my obligation and my pleasure–if I find out about it. I can’t do much with hearsay.

  9. I did write “Presidential” elections; didn’t I?

    Tommy, maybe you ought to join the UP. They could really use your insight and analytical skills. Since Max, Tony, Mike, and I have left there is no doubt a douche-bag void to be filled.

    Be the change!


  10. So who is the Boca gov? Is there going to be a runn-off?

  11. There will be a run-off between Jamal Hamilton and Zach Tortora. If one of them for some reason dropped out, the runoff would be between the next highest, Sai Lo.

  12. Actually Dan, the margin was a lot closer in 2007 when Jared Torres ran against Tony Texeira. 28 Votes!

  13. Steve,

    “100 votes. That is a larger margin of victory than the past three or four SGA Presidential elections.” (me)

    Larger margin of victory. LARGER; meaning “more” (Jesus!).

    Tony beat Jared by 26 votes. The year prior he (Tony) won the runoff by 63 votes.

  14. ah. touche touche

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