How’d the debate go?

The debate Monday night was a success, I felt. I was happy with the turnout, which I’d estimate at between 100-150 (and the room was set for 200). We also had quite a few students come up to ask  questions, many of which were excellent and to the point.

I know you’d all like to see footage, and I’d love to post it, but Owl TV is apparently still editing. I promise to link it at the first opportunity.

In the meantime, I asked all the candidates yesterday for their reaction to the debate. Here are the responses I got, in the order I got them:

Nick Nelson, Boca Governor candidate:

Overall I feel the Debate went smoothly. It was very satisfying to get a good look at the Presidential Tickets and where they stand. As for me, I had a great time hearing the ideas and points of my competitors. As for my platform I will stand by my previous points and work on hearing from the students to make a stronger SG statement on campus. Just want to thank you all for all the hardwork and time you guys put in!

Chuck Forbes, Presidential candidate:

I thought the debates went well, the questions were good, and it gave the candidates a chance to know their opponents on a personal level.

Sai Lo, Boca governor candidate, who noted I didn’t set a word limit:

Please forgive me for the laggardly response. This is the first chance I’ve had to answer my messages today. In response I will have to say that the Student Government Debates last night was nothing less than phenomenal. It is the very essence of what our freedom stands for, whether it be the leaders that arise by a higher calling or the constituents that wish to see what those leaders will provide for them.

But most importantly, it gave those of us seeking the approval of the students a chance to broaden our horizon in our experiences and identify the areas needed for improvement. “The speed of the pack is
determined by the rate of the leader.” And if we as leaders do not improve, how will our great institution of Florida Atlantic University? I learned last night that one of the more unique qualities about me was
that I am a more thorough planner. I rather think more carefully on my responses to give the audience my best rather than give a blatant attempt in answering the questions.

I can whole-heartedly say I gave it my best last night to the new experience of debating. My one regret however was that the Governor-candidates were not given ample or suffice to say ANY opportunities to question our fellow peers as the chance was given to the Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates. That, I believe would have been the practical method for healthy competition. At a more feasible schedule where it would have been allowed, we the candidates, would have been able to challenge each others’ platforms to question the stability of our plans for the Boca Raton campus.

I hope this will help answer your questions. As always I am available for any questions you might have. Thank you and the rest of the University Press staff for what you do for this fine institution and most of all for making the students aware. In my time here there have been occasions where the UP gets the word out to the students more effectively than Student Government. But nevertheless….

Donald Karney, candidate for Boca Governor:

Thanks for the inquiry.  Overall, I felt that the debate was a good thing for everyone who was involved. I think that the student body can’t go wrong with whoever is chosen to perform the duties of Governor.  Each of us is qualified in our own ways to lead the Boca Raton campus to greatness.

Personally, this was my first debate and I thought it went well. The only adjustments to my platform would be to make it more detailed.  I said that we needed to find ways to generate revenue to make up for the budget cuts.  I now realize, after two people asking me, that I needed to be more detailed in how I want to generate the revenue itself.

I haven’t heard back from anyone else, but if I do, I’ll post their thoughts as well. I’d also love to hear from people who attended, especially if you asked a question — how was it for you guys? Did you get something useful out of the debate, or learn anything interesting? E-mail me your experience and I’ll post it, so long as you aren’t clearly bashing candidates.

Again, video clips ASAP! I can’t control the delay, sorry.


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  1. Hey Sai didn’t you get impeached for making a hate group or something? Oh wait he had to resign OR he would be impeached. Brandon why don’t you make a story about that?

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