SG Presidential Race Back On

Just a quick update…

I called Tiffany Weimar the Pre-President-elect in the last post: now she’s the Ex-pre-President-elect.

Yesterday at 4:30 p.m. Student Affairs, after considering a petition from the pair on one of the ineligible tickets, decided they screwed up.

Charles Forbes and Joshua Simmons were deemed ineligible based on Simmons’ GPA, which has two requirements:

1. ) A last-semester GPA requirement (2.25 according to university regulation)

2.) A cumulative GPA requirement (2.5 according to the SG Constitution).

Student Affairs decided Simmons was ineligible because his GPA last semester wasn’t 2.5 — but his cumulative was, so the decision was reversed.

Which means there are two tickets in the running now, among other things. Look for more about this in next week’s print issue of the UP.


10 Responses to “SG Presidential Race Back On”

  1. Can anyone tell me who’s running for Boca Governor?

  2. Incompetence in Student Government? Say it aint so.

  3. Frank,

    The candidates for Boca Governor are (alphabetically):

    Jamal Hamilton
    Donald Kamey
    Sai Lo
    Nick Nelson
    Zach Tortora


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Wait weren’t Sai Low and Zach Tortora disqualified or something?

  5. Lo was initially declared ineligible, but in the same mistake that made Forbes-Simmons ineligible. In both cases, the ineligibility was retracted by Student Affairs on Monday.

    I never heard that Tortora was ineligible.

  6. I smell a runoff all of a sudden.

    Quote me now! (I said it first)

    Whomever gets second place in the first election will win the runoff. You heard it here first. Book it.

  7. Boca Govs? Who are these people?!

  8. Sai Lo is a moron, and so are his girlfriend and anyone who acknowledges his futile attempt at existence.

  9. Didn’t Sai Lo get impeached for making a hate group or something? Oh wait he had to resign OR he would be impeached. Hey Brandon why don’t you make a story about that?

  10. No chance Mark. That would mean the UP would have to investigate something. Too much energy.

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