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SG Election Seems Over Already

Posted in elections on January 29, 2009 by Brandon

Well, the university-wide portion of it, anyway. I’ll deal with the governorships in due course.

There were initially three tickets for the top spots, but two were declared academically ineligible. Peeps have to run with Veeps, in our system: a presidential candidate runs with a vice-presidential candidate. And if one or the other is ineligible, well, the ticket’s nullified. Who’s to blame — the silly rule, or the candidates who couldn’t work out their eligibility between them? Whoops.

What about write-ins, you ask? That’s a no-go, unless somebody wants to creatively reinterpret statute. 310.100 states that “Write-in Candidates may only fill seats that would otherwise go vacant.” Since there’s one eligible duo left, they’ll automatically win.

And who (will have) won? Boca Governor Tiffany Weimar’s your new President Pre-Elect. And Collene O’Reilly, who runs Black Student Union & Multicultural Programs, is your Soon-to-be-VP. (Full disclosure: She’s also a student of mine.)

I spoke with them immediately after the mandatory candidates’ meeting this evening to get their reactions. They were both grinning as I approached them.

“I want the challenge,” O’Reilly said, playfully plaintive. “I wanted to see what happened. I’m kinda — I’m excited, but kinda stumped.”

“Competition is healthy,” Weimar added. “I think with it you really get to see everyone’s true colors.”

I asked what they would do with the campaign period, which officially began after that meeting. Weimar said she wants to campaign anyway to raise recognition.

“Students should be able to stop you and say, you know, I have an issue or I have a concern. So I think it’s very important  to be accessible,” says Weimar.

You can listen to audio of their reactions and their plans so far here. (Sorry for the background noise.)

More to come on this in print in the next couple weeks, though there might be more tidbits here too. But there’s something pretty interesting going on…


Want to be Student Body President?

Posted in elections on January 16, 2009 by Brandon

Want the top position in Student Government? It’s available, and though the application process has been open since Monday, nobody’s applied as of this writing.

At today’s Boca House meeting, SG Adviser Rivka Felsher reminded everyone — with some concern — that candidacy is open.

“Please don’t wait until the last minute to apply and make me panic,” says Felsher.

The lack of applicants for student body president stands out next to the pool applying for other SG positions. Boca Governor Tiffany Weimar said this afternoon she was “impressed with the number of applicants — over 20” who’ve sought positions in the revamped NightOwls team. (More on that to come.)

Current President Abe Cohen also noted the volume of applicants while interviewing for chief of staff and elections chair, saying he had several candidates in his office back to back.

If you do apply, you have to run on a ticket with a VP candidate, so find a competent buddy to run with you. You both have to be deemed eligible, which  means you must:

  • Maintain a 2.25 or higher GPA each term
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Be enrolled for at least nine credit hours (six if you’re a grad student) as a degree-seeking student
  • Not owe the university any money
  • Not be in disciplinary trouble with the university

Those running for governor have one additional requirement: you have to be taking at least half of  your courses on the campus you want to govern. There is some competition for governor, though. Three applicants for the Boca campus and one for Treasure Coast, so far.

But the perks include a coveted parking space, a business Blackberry, and a tuition waiver. Of course, you also get me writing about you. What’s to lose? Here’s the form. You’ve got until Jan. 26. E-mail Rivka Felsher with questions at