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Night Owls Director on His Way Out

Posted in Night Owls on November 26, 2008 by Brandon

By January, there will be a new Night Owls director. Though nobody’s confirmed with me that current director David Quant is resigning, two sources have more than hinted at it: Boca House Speaker James Tobin and SG Adviser Rivka Felsher.

Tobin says, “Nobody has talked to me directly about it, but I hear he might have resigned from the position. The bill did its duty and I suggest you talk to others for confirmation of my hearsay.”

That is, of course, what I did. But I haven’t been able to reach David Quant’s supervisor, Boca Governor Tiffany Weimar. She’s the person capable of firing him, regardless of the House resolution Tobin mentioned, which was only intended to prompt Weimar to act, Tobin says. Unfortunately, she was out of town over the weekend and has now flown home for Thanksgiving.

Even if Quant’s resignation is just a rumor, though, it doesn’t matter.

That’s because SG has already posted the position as open, along with several others on a MyFAU announcement I’ve duplicated here. (If you’re looking for on-campus work next semester, you’ve got about two weeks to apply to these.)

SG Adviser Rivka Felsher pointed out the posting and then said, “So what does that tell you?”

Well: I guess Quant could reapply.

I also visited the Night Owls office late last week to see if they had anything to say about it; Quant wasn’t in. His assistant director, Matt Witliki, politely declined to comment about the recent accusations or how Quant was doing. He did have a couple things to say, though:

I don’t want to talk to the UP. I’m not the biggest fan, especially after that issue [with the Night Owls story]. I think your reporting is biased and I don’t think David has to talk to you. Nothing personal.

I tried to explain to him that Quant’s position is funded by student money and his job entails representing the Night Owls, so yeah, he should talk to the UP, though he doesn’t have to. If the story seemed (and still seems) one-sided, that’s not my fault: I offered equal airtime.

Beyond the nudge toward the job posting, Felsher says Quant and Weimar have “been in communication” and that Quant has “indicated he would be willing to step down,” but hasn’t made an official resignation as far as she knows. But her main point was that Quant is neither the beginning nor end of the issue.

The bigger issue, I think, than whatever happens to David Quant, is what’s the future of the Night Owls in terms of their management, their effectiveness, even their purpose. I would say when you cut back resources to the point where they can’t be successful, then you can’t expect them to be successful. SG is reluctant to return resources to Night Owls when their track record hasn’t been, you know, good enough. It’s sort of a catch-22. There has to be a tremendous revamping of Night Owls. . . . Tiffany [Weimar] needs to reframe them; it falls on her shoulders.

We’ll see what happens with Night Owls next semester. If there’s a discussion about what Night Owls could or should be, what hours it should operate, who should be involved, what’s worked and not worked for any of you, it can only help. Feel free to post your suggestions, as well as experiences, good or bad, in the comments. I’ll pass them on. Alternatively, if you’d like to contact the governor yourself, her number is (561) 756-0594.


Treasure Coast Rep Says: “You can’t do that!”

Posted in Rules, Treasure Coast on November 16, 2008 by Brandon

Although the biggest Student Government meetings happen in Boca, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on at the other campuses. The Treasure Coast campus has its own governor, Lauren Egan, and six house reps.

Below’s a cute little e-mail exchange between two of them: Representative Christopher Torres and TC House Speaker Carmela Innamorato, who apparently went from a write-in candidate during the September election to an immediate leadership role.

>Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 12:53 AM

Dear Treasure Coast Campus Speaker of the House,

Please read Statute 458.210.

Statute 458.700 does not apply to House members for meetings in which quorum were not met. As Speaker of the House, you are well aware that quorum is established as 50% plus one of the membership rounded up.

Without quorum, the meeting never existed. Any and all business discussed or decided upon during a meeting which never happened is null and void. Consequently, any member deemed “resigned from office” for missing two meetings where quorum was not met would still be in office.

But keep up the good work. Very ambitious. Good for you.

-Chris Torres

Her response:

>Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 11:04 AM


I believe I have an understanding of the Statutes and my support of my former email still stands. If you still disagree, your next step would be to submit a formal petition to the student court.

Thank you.

I appreciate hearing from you. =]

Carmela Innamorato

Sounds like she’s trying to kick someone out of the House. I’ll look into it and get back to you.


Posted in blog-related on November 16, 2008 by Brandon

This is OwlWatch — where you’ll find tidbits and updates that go beyond my print coverage of Student Government. Watch this space, folks: It should be fun.