More on Ayala

If you’re new to the whole issue, start here. Yesterday’s updates here.

I’ve been following Chris Ayala’s mysteriously changing Facebook, and it’s now been removed altogether. It could have been permanently deleted, or it could have been disabled for later restoration. Still don’t know who’s doing that; Ayala himself is still in jail, so someone obviously has his account info.

After some phone calls, I’ve found out we can’t just go visit Ayala and talk to him. The rules are he has to add us to his visitation list, and we can’t call him, so he’d have to decide independently to put us on his list or call us himself. What we can and did do yesterday was write and overnight him a letter asking that he do so. So we’ll still be trying to get in touch with him directly as best we can, but it’s entirely up to him.

Yesterday I filed for the police reports describing the incidents and this morning they were ready so I picked them up about an hour ago. Names and locations are redacted (i.e. crossed out and unreadable to protect identities), but I can confirm what Kim Miller reported in the Palm Beach Post on Tuesday. 13-year-old who claimed to be 16, the cheerleading outfit, three times, all consensual.

That’s it for now. We’ll be contacting a lot of people who knew or worked with Chris and writing about it next week as well. If you knew Chris Ayala and want to go on the record to say anything about your relationship with him or what kind of guy he was, contact me.

5 Responses to “More on Ayala”

  1. Is there any way you can post the police report online?

  2. By the way you don’t need to overnight anything in Florida. If it’s mailed within the state it’s automatically overnight. Just thought you might want to save some money.

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  5. Kristine Says:

    How many more details do you need? When does it stop being investigative and start being salacious and/or juicy gossip? We came, we read, we shook our heads and now it is for the courts.

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